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Bicycle grinder for blacksmithing – how mine works | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Bicycle grinder for blacksmithing – how mine works? Are you looking to see medieval blacksmiths clothes? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Bicycle grinder for blacksmithing – how mine works | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Bicycle grinder for blacksmithing - how mine works
Bicycle grinder for blacksmithing – how mine works

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It can grind wood, steel, antlers etc. + polish steel to mirror finish. Use 60 and 400 grid emery cloth and a leather belt with coarse compound. Open the full video description for more information.


The frame is made in wood (oak), steel and stone is taken from an old grinder, the bicycle is just an old normal one. I have made 3 grinders like this one over a period of two years. One rotation on the bike rotates the stone 3 times. I use emery cloth instead of the sandstone, because it remove material a lot quicker and also allowed me to grind materials like wood and antler. I have a few improvements in mind in case I will make another one at some point the future… like attaching the emery cloth with wedges instead of tape and refine the look – but over all does it work fine.

A few quick questions:

1. Do you oil it?
Yes – I oil all moving parts once in a while. You can feel and hear whenever it is needed… In my case does the bicycle chain need oil a few weeks apart and the stone bearrings only need grease a year or more apart.

2. Why not make the setup able to free spin?
It is a lot safer that the grinder only runs when you run the bike. Also handy that you can run the stone both ways and that you don’t need to wait for the stone to stop spinning. Also makes the design easier to make.

3. Why not make it run faster and why not add gear options?
I didn’t consider it important enough and it also makes the design a lot more complicated to make. I use pressure against the stone instead of gear/speed – it works well, but I would like to eksperiment a bit with speed and or gear if I at some point make a new grinder.

4. Why not cut the emery cloth in an angle?
I have found 90 degrees to be the strongest. If I cut it at an angle is the emery cloth corner more likely to bend/more likely to catch what I am ginding and the emery cloth fall off – it is after all just hold on by tape.


Location: Denmark – my own properly.


Video gear: Nikon D7000, Nikon 50 1.8, Røde videomacro, iMovie.

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  1. If that was a bone/antler you were grinding, please wear a mask because inhaling bone dust can cause cancer 😬

  2. Great video, I just inherited a wheel, and now I see how I can make it work. Thanks for the video.

  3. First things first…. you need to balance your wheel first,,, use a chissel and make non woble version :D this is extreme unsuable my uncle is laughing … in 19century they made non woble and you just showing that you either have no brain or no understanding :D

  4. I am converting a 25 inch wet stone to peddle power. To sharpen my axes. Got two stones. Missed out on a Victorian cast iron stand, tradle power. Would nhave loved that.

  5. Very cool! The thing I like most about it is that it doesn't require gas or electricity to run! It will keep you in shape and grind all in one.

  6. Wow this is really cool and effective! Even though I know it is an avoidable issue, I would still fear for my testicles with this thing.

  7. Too cool !!!! Thanks for sharing your video. I'll definitely subscribe . It's always good to share knowledge. It's a true sign of a craftsman.

  8. Nice one Rune!
    Gear it up a bit, and put a some mass in that flywheel.
    Watch out for the wedding tackle
    Great vid as usual.
    Regards from the Cotswolds

  9. You should inclulde a ventilator to a chain line, so you can refresh the air in the room in the same time. Damnly fine job, simple and useful tool. Greetings from Belarus

  10. I just found this video, nice. What type of bearings did you use for the grind wheel, they look vintage like, thank you.

  11. Когда, Коту , делать нечего он яйца лижет. Сначала в одну сторону лижет, потом голову повернет и вдругую сторну лижет.

  12. Not good .would have liked to see one with a type of flywheel that continued on after you stopped pedaling

  13. We have this kind of tradition in the Philippines fifty years ago or even further.. an actual bike that goes around each town offers knife sharpening service.

  14. Can u add gears to this ? Might be more of a workout but will definitely achieve a higher cadence for the sanding belt.

  15. Just want to say thank you for making all of these videos. I love watching them because it always educational for me. I learn so much. Keep up all the amazing work you do.

  16. Came across one of your videos by accident, liked it a lot, kept watching your clips, i have an interest in bushcraft/woodcraft and i like making stuff, only now after watching a few of them i know what i find refreshing… No talk. No accents, no opinions, no distractions from the subject of the clip. It's like a breath of fresh air.

  17. How did you make the leather belt stay together?? I'm trying to build a setup like yours blacksmithing is so fun!!

  18. Great idea for wood or other soft material but not for metal do to low speeds and it would be very easy to throw off a presice grind do to so much body movement

  19. You can buy rolls of abrasive thats made for autobody work that already has the sticky stuff on it in a variety of grits . Also a suggestion ; try making your seam or splice on an angle like a belt grinder belt. It resists things catching the edge of the spliced edge and it doesnt leave a bump or raised bulged place like a 90 degree seam does . It will stay together longer especally if you want to take it off and put it back on.

  20. Каких только не увидш. Делать не хуй чтоль.

  21. Биение на круге !!! Смысл делать стойки из дерева если взят готовый узел , либо камень выровнять , либо на валу биение , хрень . Хотя есть и норм видео , а это не продумано

  22. hello to france, pour votre cuir à polir il faut mettre sur le cuir de l'huile de vaseline avant la pate a polir, cela aura un résultat fabuleux!!! merci pour vos superbes vidéos!!!

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