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Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro vs Hizero vs Tineco Ifloor – TESTED | Review best products

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Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro vs Hizero vs Tineco Ifloor – TESTED | top best products brands for household.

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Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro vs Hizero vs Tineco Ifloor - TESTED
Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro vs Hizero vs Tineco Ifloor – TESTED

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Hizero: (currently unavailable)
Tineco iFloor:
Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro:

Welcome to the battle of the floor washers, including the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro the new Tineco iFloor and the Hizero Bionic mop. We put them through a huge battery of tests and found each one had their strength and weaknesses.

We have previously done detailed reviews of these models here:

– Hizero
– Tineco iFloor
– Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro

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  1. This was the best review I've ever seen. Very thorough and I praise you for saving me trouble. I have a lot of floor space and the most that happens with my floors is dust weevles. lol. Mixed with hair. I wish the Hizero had a cord. The others would die before I could finish my living room, dining room and kitchen. I would have to wait to charge to do hallways and two bedrooms with two bathrooms. I believe the Crosswaves also do area rugs. I also read that the crosswaves stop working shortly after purchase however, as one commenter said below about hugging the walls, I would need that. Great job!

  2. Would have like to have seen some carpet tests. I have hard wood floors and then carpeted rooms. So I have a vacuum, mop, and broom. Trying to find something to replace all 3.

  3. I'm noticing that you aren't trying any of them out on carpet. Opps as I'm watching it again, to write this you did use the crosswave on carpet. Yet you didn't test the other two. Also are people honestly this nasty to be cleaning up stuff that should be wiped up with a papertowle first? I'm wanting it for daily cleaning of a house with pets. I honestly am tired of vacuuming and then lugging a bucket of water to mop the floors everyday.

  4. Can you please show how close it gets to the baseboards? Head in and from the non-motor side? I have the first one and it cleans amazingly but does not get close to the baseboards.

  5. If you don't mind me asking how did you get it for free and what website did you go to?. I would love to also do reviews. And make my own YouTube channel. Thank you and may God bless you. I hope you have a blessed day. And be safe, happy holidays. And thank you in advance

  6. I love these reviews actually many of the videos before i picked my bissell pet pro. I still find it leaves a dirty water behind tho. Not sure any bissell tips on how to combat this

  7. I don’t really have spills to clean, I just really want something that washes my hardwood floors and won’t ruin them because I have 2 big dogs so which would you recommend for just washing hardwood thank you

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