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Bissell Spinwave Cordless Mop In-Depth Review | Top best products

Are you searching for the subject Bissell Spinwave Cordless Mop In-Depth Review? Are you looking to see spinwave vs crosswave? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Bissell Spinwave Cordless Mop In-Depth Review | Top best products for household.

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Bissell Spinwave Cordless Mop In-Depth Review
Bissell Spinwave Cordless Mop In-Depth Review

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-Enjoy reduced cleaning effort with this powerful hard floor cleaner that scrubs floors for you.
-18V lithium-ion battery gives you up to 20 minutes of cordless cleaning power.
-On-demand spray trigger allows you to control how much solution goes onto your floors.
-Safely and gently cleans sealed hard floors.
-Lightweight, 11-pound hard floor cleaner is easy to carry from room to room with an integrated carry handle.
-Includes a trial size formula, microfiber mop pads and a storage tray that helps align washable mop pads on the foot of this machine and gives you a place to store your machine after use.

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  1. Thank you!!! This helped me to decide to not choose this model. The screws coming loose at the bottom would drive me nuts. I appreciate you so much for this.

  2. I just got this a few days ago and my complaint is the battery life. I don’t know if I am gonna keep it or return and get something else

  3. I wish they had a corded version for more power. Back in the day, Bissel used to have a power mop with actual strong scrubbers on the bottom that moved in a circular motion. Idk why they went away from that type because it worked a lot better.

  4. So the machine doesn't collect the spoilt water. I'd imagine I'll need 5 sets of pads to clean my home as to not smear old dirt across the home

  5. Thanks for your review and for pointing out the loose screws on the bottom…I have seen complaints where it has scratched people's wood floors because they didn't know they needed to be tightened back up!!! I was debating about the crosswave and spinwave, but think I'll go with this instead! :)

  6. Yes, Finally a great cordless Mop review. Honest and Well made. Thanks, Heather Sanders!

  7. Do we have to spray all the time to mop or just for spray on tough spots? can you please let me know?

  8. Why switch cleaning solutions? Why not use one for both surfaces. What is the one you use for the tiles

  9. Do you wash the pads alone or with other towels/cloths? I washed mine with cotton towels and just realized they’re probably microfiber. Now I’m worried I ruined the mop pads!

  10. If you have pets and you use this, what would it do besides mop the floor? The hairs would still be everywhere and it will just stick in the mop. You need a vacuum for pet hairs.

  11. Thanks for the review! Still trying to decide whether i should go with it or not. I currently have a regular Rubbermaid sprayer mop, but i feel like if i want to really scrub and clean our vinyl, im the one that has to really press and do the job, and im super pregnant so it's starting to get tough. Would you say this would help?/Do most the job on its own just by me moving it around the houses? Please and thanks 😊

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