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Blacksmithing For Beginners – Working With A Coal Fire | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

Are you searching for the subject Blacksmithing For Beginners – Working With A Coal Fire? Are you looking to see best coal for forging? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Blacksmithing For Beginners – Working With A Coal Fire | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Blacksmithing For Beginners – Working With A Coal Fire

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Blacksmithing For Beginners – Working With A Coal Fire. This video discuses how to build and maintain a coal fire ..

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  1. Very helpful,,,, My first attempt was with a flat bottom rivet forge, it did not go well. I am now ready for a second try with a fire pot,,, thanks.

  2. Made a forge out of an old smoker and can't seem to keep coal going right. When it starts burning right it doesn't seem hot enough

  3. Приветствую коллеги. Проявитель солидарность переведите на русский язык.

  4. Well I just learned some stuff. That really helps a lot, good lesson. Looks like I'll be building a different poker. Lol. Subscribed!

  5. It can be really an advantage to get out the dust and slag or you could end up with a so called "black fire" that grimes the iron and produces more slag (if the fire is hot enough to melt the dust and ash) and so on.

  6. Is it possible to use wood coal? I heard that for knife forging it is the preferred form of call to use. Is that accurate? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

  7. A very helpful and informative vid. ❤

    Request/suggestion: on the off chance you ever get around to reshooting an updated version there are 2 things I would have liked to have learned more about, and I think a lot of people wpuld find it helpful too (apologies if youve already since covered these in separate vids)

    1) The different types of fuel and how fire management differs betwen them. The coal in this vid looks like bitumenous (guess), but anthracite and MET Coke seem to be equally popular choices, and ive seen at least one vid of someone using bulk feed corn.

    2) The different parts of the fire (reducing, etc), and how pot size and the amount of airflow can be optimized for the type of work you most commonly do.

    Thanks for the educational content. 😁

  8. thank you.. its helped me alot. acutally am going to start a work work with coal.. i m going to make a furnace with coal i mean coal seams.its helps me how to maintane a fire .thanks

  9. Wow! On your fire control I been clean all the dust.I been adding wood papers in a bbq fire starter basket .Tommorro getting that hose setup.
    Thanks again Sir

  10. Just found your channel, I really like how well you explain everything your doing. I’m interested in getting into blacksmithing as a hobby. What basic tools should I look at getting to get me started?

  11. Thanks I like the way you teach.
    I know most blacksmiths treat anthracite like the bastard step child, but could you do a show about it and how it differs from coal of raw coal and why it is not an acceptable fuel. It's all that is available in this area.

  12. Would really appreciate some help with my forge, i use a similar design
    but with the air tube below with a soot trap, and i find my coke (after a
    few hours of forging) getting coated in ash, no clinkers form, but i
    can distinctly see the coke covered in a thick white ash, now this ash
    restricts the coke actually burning, this coke is very large, like full
    sized coke and it just gets coated :( idk what else to do, ive got a
    poker that does nothing to get the ash off, the only way to get it off
    is to wait for it to cool and bang it on the anvil one by one

  13. very informative video. One point I didn't get, is necessary to keep providing continuous air supply even if the fire is very hot. During 1/2hr brake did you stop the blower. Thanks

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