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Blacksmiths hammer giveaway part 3 | The Best Power Tools

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Blacksmiths hammer giveaway part 3 | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Blacksmiths hammer giveaway part 3
Blacksmiths hammer giveaway part 3

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The forged cross peen hammer is completed and the drawing for the 100,000 subscriber giveaway has been completed. The winners names are listed below.

The winner of the hammer, a pair of tongs, hook rule and silver pencil is Mike C
Second place winning a pair of tongs, ruler and silver pencil is Paulie P
Third prize for a hook rule and silver pencil is SmallBizCash

Thank you everyone for making this possible

Black Bear Forge is a small one person blacksmith shop located in southern Colorado. My current focus is shifting away from commissions and customer orders and towards education through these videos on YouTube. Thank you for watching

To provide financial support use one of the two links below.

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Mailing address:
Black Bear Forge
P.O. Box 4
Beulah, CO 81023

If you are curious about some of my other interests, you may like my second channel
John Switzer

Find my online at:

Below you will find useful links that will help you in your journey as a blacksmith.

My blacksmiths apron
use code BBF

RZmask 99.5% dust mask

To find more information in blacksmithing in the US or to search for your local ABANA affiliate group visit.

Blacksmithing tools and supplies
Self contained air hammers –
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Most of my videos are shot on the Canon M50

Audio is recorded using the RodeLink Filmmaker Wireless Microphone Kit

I have set up a Facebook group just for you, the viewers of this YouTube channel.
If you would like to share your work that was inspired by my videos
This is the place to do that

Blacksmithing and related activities can be hazardous. These videos are not a substitute for competent professional instruction. Your safety is your sole responsibility. Always use appropriate safety equipment including eye and ear protection when working in the shop. Follow manufactures safety guidelines for the use of all equipment. In the event something shown in one of these videos seems unsafe, it is up to you to make the appropriate changes to protect yourself. ..

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Thank you very much

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  1. Mr. John, I have been following your videos for a while now, & I noticed that you generally use the same cross pien hammer. I am searching for a quality cross pien hammer for myself. Do you sell that style hammer, or can you tell me where I could go online to find one? Thanks so much for all you do for the industry.

  2. Well, I watched your video. However, I have no way of knowing when your "giveaway events" are supposed to be. I don't have time to be haunting and spending time on your YouTube channel. I am also a member of your "Black Bear Forge" Facebook page discussion group. However, I don't receive notifications from you for some reason. Therefore, I have no way of knowing when I can "enter" for your giveaways.

    Please email me a price just for a 2.5 pound pein hammer head. I'd like to buy one with the eye finished, but I would be able to finish the hammerhead myself. I'd also like the experience of heat treating and tempering a hammerhead based on your demonstration. I am experienced enough with the heat treating process for most metals and have a good grasp on the concept.

    Mr. Switzer, thank you for that fantastic Facebook discussion group. Please email information about how much you would charge for an unfinished cross pein hammer head. You can reach me at: froglips@gci.net. Thank you.

    I watched your videos. Would you please watch mine? It's only 2 minutes and 12 seconds long and is worth watching. Thanks again.

    James W. a subscriber here and on Facebook…

  3. can you make a movie about that knife you used to trim the handle? looked nice but i did not see the making of…

  4. Dude, this is one of my favorite channels now and I don't have anyway to do any forging. One suggestion, when you get to the point where you are buying things that can be made (the handle in this case), contact other youtube channels that make them, build your network. It is an easy way for them to generate content and for the both of you to gain viewers. Cross over videos are all the rage. Thanks so much, great work!

  5. good to see you wear ear protection and respiratory protection. I like those shots. keep including them even if brief and for show. also great explanations on "not needing to grind" certain faces, etc

  6. Congratulations to the winners. I hope that what you get will help you set up your own shop.

  7. hi  jhon  George here  I like  what  you show  me  .   I have  stared  you some  of  your  tach nik  and it  work .  thank  you  jhon  god bless  you and the  miss

  8. I wish I knew about this… I would have liked the chance to win one. Not that I'd win mind you. I've never really won anything worthwhile. I can't afford to buy a decent blacksmith's hammer. I have some store-bought and commercially produced hammers. They do a well enough job and fit my needs. It just would be nice owning a good quality smith's hammer to work with now and again… Oh well. I think I'm doomed to just make do with what I find…

  9. Very cool, congratulations to the winners. Sure glad I moved away from snow, ice and sub zero temps.

  10. Well done the winners. I noticed in your office fire fighters equipment. Could you let us have a closer look and explain the different parts of it please?
    Couldn't see clearly but is that a 5 or 4 string banjo?

  11. Your wife would like it if you wore your apron with that burr in your die grinder. Nice job on that hammer. Would you recommend the M18 milwaukee die grinder? I have the dewalt corded die grinder but wanted the milwaukee cordless before it hit the market.

  12. Whoo, If I walked into my shop and all the iron was covered with fuzzy frost, I would build a fire in the stove and hug it. I really appreciate my 50 degrees in Michigan winter. Still working on my blacksmith shop, hope to be in it by summer. John, I have to give you credit you can handle the cold better than I can.

  13. Love watching the videos. Congrats on the 100k.
    You've inspired me to start my own forge at home here in Parker co, though after a great deal of research I can't seem to find a reasonable answer to this question.

    For anvil selection, would a ductile iron anvil stand toe to toe with a steel anvil?

  14. Ill be building a house about 30 min outh of you… looking to do build a small shop too. Realy looking forword to it all.

  15. Speaking of respiratory protection, what is the cloth looking on you're using while grinding? I have issues with dust masks because of beard and glasses.

  16. I use a window counterweight to worm my 5 gallon bucket of oil. The eye on the weight lets me hook and transfer from the forge to the oil with ease.

  17. Great way to wrap it up John!! Man oh man 3 viewers out there are having a really good day!! Thank you again for the great content and lessons, stay safe! 👍😎

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