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Bodyglove Water Shoes REVIEW | MicBergsma | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Bodyglove Water Shoes REVIEW | MicBergsma? Are you looking to see water shoes? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Bodyglove Water Shoes REVIEW | MicBergsma | Latest information about hand tools for you.

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Bodyglove Water Shoes REVIEW | MicBergsma

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In this video I am reviewing my Bodyglove water shoes that I wear and use!
Models of shoes in the video (Available in Men’s and Women’s)
3T Warrior:
Dynamo Ribcage:
Dynamo Rapid:
3T Hero:

Inflatable paddleboard:

Filmed by Mitch + Lori Bergsma
Edited on Final Cut Pro X on Mac
Song: Souls of time
Artist: Thomas Skyldeberg
Great Music Library for YouTube Vids (Try it for FREE):
Song picked by Lori Bergsma

Mirrorless camera – Sony a6500:
camera lens – Sony 18-105 f4:
Audio – rode wireless kit-
Audio – rode videopro mic –
Video light –
Quadcopter – Phantom4 –
1st action camera – Hero6 Black:
2nd action camera – Hero5 Black:
3rd action camera –
mouth mount:
Pole –
Tray –
Handheld gimbal –
Handle –
Dual mount –
Action camera light – lumecube –

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MicBergsma LLC
PO Box 340075
Austin, TX 78734

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About MicBergsma:
Aloha! My channel is a fun mix of GoPro Tips, tricks, tutorials, and product reviews. I love helping people understand how to use a GoPro and get the best pictures and videos from the camera. I’m also am a big quadcopter enthusiast. I have videos showing my aerial work, tutorials, and tips on operating DJI Phantom quadcopters. I post many other videos about my life, vlogs, travels, animals, and whatever I catch on my camera that I want to share!

Bodyglove Water Shoes REVIEW | MicBergsma

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  1. Hey there was searching for swimming shoes then I came pass you I like the idea that you do it needs a lot of courage.

  2. Nice video man! I love swimming in the sea or ocean but there are sharp rocks but now i just knew there is a water shoe 😮!keep it up men stay safe!

  3. I doubt you’ll see this but thank you so much for making this video! You’re such an inspiration!!!

  4. You always have great videos, thanks. I’ve been looking for the perfect river shoe for 10 years. I do a lot of canoeing in strong currents and my Keens
    always fill with painful rocks. Is one of these shoes best at keeping rocks and pebbles out?

  5. Hi bro. I am from Rhodes Island in Greece. If you didn't visit it, just do it now. It is very beautiful place. I need shoes protecting my feet in the water. You helped me a lot. Great review. Thanks

  6. Answered my own question. Snorkeled with my new Bodyglove 3t water shoes in Maui last week. They worked great !! No more troublesome fins for me. Put on the water shoes and jump right in…Love them…

  7. Hey man which would be best for fly fishing? Waders are too big n heavy but going barefoot my feet get so cold and I keep slipping. After something lightweight too

  8. I'm new to snorkeling and haven't got used to fins yet. Was wondering how those three toe water shoes would work for lite snorkeling instead of fins ?? Thanks

  9. Your confidence is clearly displayed, God bless your support network and those helping you achieve your dream.
    Don't be afraid getting a sponsorship while considering university!

  10. Nice review on these everything shoes. Do you ever have any problems with smells after using them in water? Thank you for sharing your video.

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