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BOLTR: Fluke T6 Contactless Voltage Meter | Non-Sense Field Sense | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject BOLTR: Fluke T6 Contactless Voltage Meter | Non-Sense Field Sense? Are you looking to see fluke t5 600 meter? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

BOLTR: Fluke T6 Contactless Voltage Meter | Non-Sense Field Sense | The Best Power Tools.

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BOLTR: Fluke T6 Contactless Voltage Meter | Non-Sense Field Sense
BOLTR: Fluke T6 Contactless Voltage Meter | Non-Sense Field Sense

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Pure garbage from the fine folks at Fluke. Sad times indeed.
Corpo BS free zone! ..

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fluke t5 600 meter

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  1. What do u mean they don't ground to earth in the city. Take a walk by any house in the city that has updated wiring. It is grounded to earth as per code.

  2. You can’t use the splitter to measure voltage using Field Sense. The Field Sense feature works perfectly as intended when taking a measurement on a wire.

  3. I REALLY enjoyed these T6 videos….Did they not know who they were fkn with?….lol…..kids…..

  4. Did you try to lubricate your finger before sticking it in the buna end? It should help to get ‘er squealing proper.

  5. You read the what? Shminschmuctions? I thought that was really shitty turlet paper. Nose blowing supplies at best.

  6. Is the ground r ing contact point on the back to measure frequency? I.E. Duh more itt hurts duh higher the freakwhensee ?

  7. What happened to the videos from 2016 where you reviewed the Fluke multimeters for Chinese market? I remember you had some, but couldn't find them. I found a link from a forum which pointed to a video that's no longer available.

  8. Played with one of these at supply house. Was interested and then i realized i didnt need to be a fluke collector

  9. The neutral is (almost) the same to ground in North America. Not in Europe where the neutral is connected to the ground at the transformer place that can be far away.

  10. Great Vid! Ive 3x older T5 testers that work and youve saved me wasting my hard earned on this thing! I,ll give it a miss! thx

  11. Placement of the wire in the fork is critical. An electrician in the UK on youtube has demonstrated this and how dangerous this tool is for those who use it as a voltage detector. It really needs to be withdrawn from the market as a dangerous failure.

  12. AVE, you should compare this POS to the UNI-T UT256B. UNI-T says its fork meter can do the DC AMPS! I'm curious if they lie…. and how much better it works than the Flukes T6 POS.
    Fluke don't do DC AMPS.

  13. For the smart people in the audience. If you run a wire straight from battery pos to battery neg, are you essentially discharging and recharging the battery simultaneously?

  14. Opening the clam shell with a soldering iron is funny. It would be even funnier if a knife was visible, sitting unused, on the bench top.

  15. Fruke like all other American companies will soon be dust, eventually we’ll do the other thing the Chinese do, take corporate thieves out back and shoot em… that’ll put a stop to it a quick fast hurry… the good news is the vast collection of vintage Fluke gear I own will triple in value… the same is happening to Tektronics, when they started licensing ‘features’ with easy to lose dongles I noticed their gear started disappearing in labs across the country… same parent company that’s milking the brand names and running the company into the dirt…

  16. Just got it recently and works fine for me. One way to help with the field sense is take off one of the leads and ground it. Helps for a quicker reading and also you gotta get it right on the tip lol no homo.

  17. I use a T6 1000 I had the same problem at first but then realized that you have to touch the wire to the base of the fork for the screen to turn green and give you voltage readings as well as He's…..

  18. Typically, the neutral is bonded to the consumer’s main earth and the earth at the transformer. The earth conductor is physically bonded to the earth through a long metal stake in the ground. Behind your switchboard, “fuse” box or consumer unit should be a council neutral link, which has your main earth, incoming neutral and outgoing neutral to the consumer’s neutral link. This system is the multiple earth neutral system, where all consumers have their neutral referenced to the earth potential right underneath your toes!

  19. Why would anyone want to hold there meter while checking amps on a motor? I just want to strap the clamp over a wire and not have to hold the meter while testing a motor

  20. Ave: Did you delete your video about the bery bery good chinese fluke? Possibly 17b?? Please let me know, thx.

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