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Bomber Flashing Detail for the Base of A Brick Wall | Top-bought cleaning accessories.

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Bomber Flashing Detail for the Base of A Brick Wall
Bomber Flashing Detail for the Base of A Brick Wall

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You know how I nerd out of my waterproofing details… this is a detail that once I saw it at a trade show I knew I wanted to use it on my house!
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  1. In the uk we have a boot detail on the edge of rhe slab so the brick starts 225 below timber frame on the outer skin impossible for water to back track you yanks not clever enough

  2. This is something the builders should do. The bricklayers don't have the patience for installing this crap.

  3. As a retired insurance adjuster I've seen it all. More hidden leaks than you can imagine.
    One of my all time favorite sayings to our clients was, "your house is not a boat that you can flip over and expect to float." In your case I think it would.
    Hope you agent is giving you all the discounts you are entitled to.

  4. I noticed at 11:25 time mark of this video that your external foam (external to WRB) was not firred out proud of the ZIP sheathing. Not worried about water getting trapped?

  5. These kinds of details are costly and labor intensive, and that's why most homes owners don't want them. People tend to be more focused on price than overall quality/durability. Building a house the right way is probably 20% more expensive than doing so the standard way and, since most people don't stay in the same house longer than 10 years, they simply aren't concerned about the longevity of the building…because it'll be someone else's headache by the time it becomes a problem.

  6. I'm about to build a home with a brick façade and am going to recommend this video to my builder. I won't need the continuous insulation layer outside the osb. What flashing would you recommend on the sheathing?

  7. had the masons chip it back….. , my dad had US kids do that after school for like two months , he said we were free labor :D

  8. Overkill for remodel,unless ur upgrading Noah's Ark waiting for rising flood waters u could cut the budget way down and buy two homes or buy snake or monkey houses at the zoo.that wont leak till year 4000,its not even below grade.on a multi-million dollar home,this is perfect and should be standard building code for high rollers.great system,like to see this on million dollar roofs and commercial jobs too

  9. love your vids matt. But i do sense you do not love brickwork too much. If you have single layer brick leaking then you need a better bricklayer. Many many houses in the past were built in the uk using single brick no cavity. they stayed water tight for many many years. now many are over 50-100 years old they are needing the mortar repointing. most houses built in the uk are brick outer and inner with cavity or brick outer and cement block inner again with cavity and the best damp proof material to be used is Slate. I know a lot can be learnt from american style building. but remember we have Brick sewers built in the 1870 that are still watertight.

  10. Felt like material + sponge inside cavity? Looks like someone is making biological water treatment facility. Algae, moulds, fungus will love this porous materials. I know, if someone is giving you horse you don't look at his teeth but someone forgotten about water surface tension.
    If water can go easy behind brick wall it will go easy out.
    If you can, please do something for humanity and install moisture sensors under that grey msterial and show us how long it is moist after the rain, preferably 10 years after house is built.
    Idea with using copper is brillian also because it is natural cure for this type of infections but intentionally installing sometning what will keep moist longer in cavity is a risky idea.

  11. At this point $$$ Lstiburek's Perfect Wall look less expensive and better :: osb, peel and stick membrane, polyiso, 1×4 rain-screen.

  12. Did you have to do something to widen the brick ledge to accept the additional 2" foam? Or did you frame the exterior walls 2" in from the original location?

  13. Is it just me or does that corner rubber flashing look like a pooling point above the copper? I don't like that at all. Seems like something should have been underneath the rubber corner to shed water above the copper? Maybe I am crazy and it will dry up before it matters but that's a lot of work to make a small birdbath?

  14. Thanks for this. On a minor note, I see you are using the dreaded phillips screws. They were designed to slip under torgue for assembly lines. I love Robertson, Torx are OK.

  15. I guess the weak link will be the green coating on the sheathing. Have there been any long term tests on its ability to withstand moisture? Thanks for the video.

  16. Nice details, and as you mentioned…this type of detail is common place in my commercial & institutional line of work. Mortar net is a great product!

  17. None of what you are doing will last more than 20 yrs. Bricks and mortar last centuries. Sticky tape, chewing gum flashings and mastic/sealant will never last so stop build using these terrible methods and products. You got all these products for free or reduced prices to make your house and are preaching it like your the king of house building. Its a shame because your work is neat and tidy.

  18. When do we get to installing brick ties? How long would the nail need to be and how do you keep from puncturing your foam or tape.

  19. I know your a stickler for detail & perfection, as am I which is why I point this out and because I believe it is a better practice. On your 2 x 2 window spacers, I would of made the top horizontal piece long (full width) as I believe you did but would of made the bottom piece short and let your “vertices run full length to prevent water from possibly running back in. Just a thought!

  20. That flashing looks like garbage especially for copper line up your drips at least Mr. detail my ass

  21. Matt, all i see in your videos is silicone, plastic layer, plastic, plastic with silicone, insulating foam and many other. Have't you learnerd anything from the european trip? I gues not. Start building , not doing cheap crafting and woodworking. You visited the CLT buildings, compare your work with those engineering projects. In the end, greetings from Romania, search for it in the Google maps! Have a nice day!

  22. If water proofing is the goal? A simple copper flashing would be a lot faster and probably less expensive but I imagine the goal here was to promote your sponsors

  23. Those old Victorian homes will be saying "Well, back in my day they use to build things to last, we didn't need anything so fancy – look! Look at my wood slat cladding, my new owner stripped it back and treated the wood and painted it over and I feel as good as new and my brick? Well those were fired properly and my walls were constructed using techniques from way way back and natural ventilation to keep moisture from sitting in. These new houses tell me they want to get up and running and boast about all their new features and materials. That is all well and good and i love the new systems and what they call "technology" but to me it seems a lot of time and effort is spent to make less time and the actual technique of building is lost in favour of using technical material to replace building techniques used when i was built that have lasted me over 100 years and they say 30 years is good for a house now? Call me old fashioned but I just don't get it."

  24. Wish I would be around some 200 years from now when they demo this and inspect it for water damage lol

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