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Are you searching for the subject Bona Mop and polish review and demo before and after? Are you looking to see bona professional hardwood floor cleaner? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Bona Mop and polish review and demo before and after | Collection of reviews of best cleaning accessories.

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Bona Mop and polish review and demo before and after
Bona Mop and polish review and demo before and after

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i bought mine at Lowes…..but I am not even going to put that link here because I found the same size on amazon for less with free shipping if you have prime…and they have bulk buy options


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  1. Why do you like Bona over Rejuvenate? I have not tried either yet…just curious. I was planning to use rejuvenate bc other reviews said it has some traction vs slip, trip, fall hazard for my kiddos.

  2. I will never use this product again. I love the way it looks in the beginning, but it soon starts building up. It 2 weeks of being on hands and knees removing. It will build up and get chalky. Again I loved it for a while, but soon you have to strip and start over. Just my thoughts

  3. When you put that product on your floor you have ruin your Wood floor because it will have to come off and it is expensive to have it done because I do this kind of work so thanks for putting it on and bonus should be ashamed of their self for sale it all it is is wax

  4. you said – ok to use a steam cleaner on hardwood? – all other reviews say no… confusing

  5. BONA is the BEST FLOOR POLISH on the Market. It brings back the beautiful Original shine to Laminate. It is expensive but worth the cost. Anyone claiming it streaked or didn't work as advertized didn't follow the instructions on the bottle and CLEAN THEIR FLOOR FIRST!!

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  7. use the cleaner and NOT the polish, I want to see him do this on a dark floor, light floors always look better

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