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Boss In Dash DVD Receiver Review BV9967B with bluetooth | Best hand tools

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Boss In Dash DVD Receiver Review BV9967B with bluetooth | Latest information about hand tools.

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Boss In Dash DVD Receiver Review BV9967B with bluetooth
Boss In Dash DVD Receiver Review BV9967B with bluetooth

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Here is my quick look at all this very affordable unit has to offer!

In-dash DVD, MP3, AM/FM Receiver with Remote
Full-color LCD touchscreen display
iPod and iPhone control
Built-in Bluetooth hands-free technology
Motorized, detachable face plate
Wireless remote control included
Blue illuminated button lighting
Power Output: Peak: 85 watts x 4 channels
RMS: 17 watts x 4 channels

CD text information display
Vertical monitor angle adjustment
MP3 ID3 Tag Display (Title/Artist/Album)
Playback of DVD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, and WMA
Playback of any region DVD discs
AM/FM tuner with 18FM/12AM presets
Switchable USA/European radio frequencies
Electronic Shock Protection (ESP)
2-band parametric equalizer
1-bit Digital Analog Converter (DAC) to enhance your MP3/WMA playback
SD Card reader for audio & video playback
3 Sets of 2V preamp outputs (front, rear and mono sub)
iPod and iPhone Ready: Standard USB-to-iPod Cable compatible
Front Auxiliary Input: 3.5mm headphone jack
Front USB Input: USB port
Rear RCA Video Output
Rear RCA Audio/Video Input
Steering wheel control ready (Sold Separately) ..

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  1. The reason it's not intended for you to touch the screen is because that unit has parts inside of it that cancer. Please use the remote or the pen works like a charm and safer for you to not touch the screen.

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  3. When my screen pop's up everything is backwards idk if I'm wording this right so when ya read it you read it backwards what can I do thx

  4. Does it read formats of MP4 and AVI??? And one more question please, can it see 15.000 audio tracks and 1.500 folders on a 3TB hard drive???

  5. I got my Boss 7" DVD/Cd Bluetooth 85 x 4watt model BV9979B receiver last week and it's by far the best receiver I've ever owned. The quality of this stereo is unbelievable the clarity of the sound is remarkable the DVD is awesome. The Streaming the Bluetooth, USB hook ups, SD card input. They didn't leave anything out when they designed this unit and for under $150 out the door you can't beat it. Don't get me wrong I was skeptical at first cause I had never heard of them before until last week but I'll tell you I'm hooked on BOSS I have the receiver and a 1500 watt amp and it sounds great. Thank You BOSS for being easy on my pocket but giving my quality products.

  6. Buen día disculpa ya lo conecte y no puedo ver los modos q tiene solo m sale q hay q conectar la cámara q puedo aser

  7. Any one have a problem with not seeing the stereo in day time?? I have to just use the screen? Any ideas??

  8. wrong about that boss head units the worst out there nothing about them is stranded by industry work for a week then fall apart.
    install cost more then radio does, boss does not stand behind warranty

  9. I don't know if the stylist docks into the unit, or if it even could due to it being a removable face but,
    something similar to an Android phone; like the Samsung Galaxy Note, that has that smooth eject feature for its stylist would be very convenient for keeping track of it. Thanks for this review – I'm half sold!

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