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Brian Hot Rods his JBL JRX-115 Top Cabs (Horn Driver) | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Brian Hot Rods his JBL JRX-115 Top Cabs (Horn Driver)? Are you looking to see 4×10 speakers? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Brian Hot Rods his JBL JRX-115 Top Cabs (Horn Driver) | Best hand-held repair tools.

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Brian Hot Rods his JBL JRX-115 Top Cabs (Horn Driver)

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Here’s the original message I got from Brady
Hey Brian,
You might remember that I mentioned some time ago, that a good upgrade for your JRX115 cabs, would be to replace the compression driver with a Selenium D210Ti. They happen to be on sale now, as they are moving to a new 2008 model. They are selling for $31 each, and they are a drop in for your JRX115 cabs.

I know your JRX115 cabs already sound good, but these will make them sound better, so I am just passing this tip along. Why? For a couple of reasons.

1) Your JRX cabs have a frequency response of 50Hz -12.5KHz +/- 3dB. The JRX115 cabs have always been known to have really good bottom end for a single 15″ cab, but a little short on the top end. Dropping these in will change that to 50Hz – 20KHz +/- 3dB, giving you a LOT better top end, with less power to get it there.

2) The Selenium D210Ti is a better, cleaner sounding compression driver than the stock JBL compression driver in the JRX series as well. The JBL higher end compression drivers are a different story, but then they cost more than your speaker cabs & definitely mine…hehe (I would love to have some though :)

Anyway, I’ve got two of these on their way to me now. They are a nice upgrade for my cabs as well, at only $31 a piece. I do know your JRX115 cabs sound great as is, but thought I’d pass along the tip for a nice upgrade if you are interested :) I’ll be doing a vid when I get mine in.

Hey, I’ve been getting a few new videos out lately, could you check them out? Hey, I’m still loving your vids :) Thanks :)



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  1. You could also try gluing some art foam to the back of the horn to stop it ringing as much.
    I also use art foam for speaker gaskets

  2. In reality, considering what these loudspeakers are used for, no one is going to hear a difference. The only real benefit is, perhaps, there's some extra power handling and/or heat dispersion from a larger voice coil, assuming it has a larger coil.

  3. i just came across this and those drivers do sound much better,the only thing i would strongly suggest is to brace the driver with some 3/4" plywood all the way around it ,ive seen them snap the threaded part of the lens just by setting the cabinet down on the ground and transporting them to a gig with them face up as well

  4. Won't notice a difference enless the sensitivity level is better on the new horn which would have to be many db more than the factory ones that came with it

  5. I have a Sound Factor SF12m monitor/pa speaker…my Yamaha BR12 absolutely kicks its ass ?!. The horn/driver "appears" to be working, but man a difference between the two- the yammy BR seems to have so much more highs n mids, the jbl sounds more muddy n muted…do they just suck?..I mean the BRs aint even all that, but..Any suggestions ?

  6. It’s a downward spiral. Too much exposure to highs kill your hearing of highs, therefore the need crank the high knob. Then time comes the knob is no longer enough, hence the need to replace comp drivers. You will be happy for some time then the monster will tell you to crank pass 12 o’clock on that high knob again!!!

  7. Why not take you jbl 2445H driver?While is very very much expensive:))And you are cheap guy:)

  8. I find that original drivers in high end speakers sound best because they were designed to work with the other drivers and the crossover.

  9. Big difference. Not sure why people saying stick with the old ones. They're crap I installed some much bigger Jbl tweeters in my jrx125 huge difference and can handle the power!!!

  10. come on man, jbl spent time matching those drivers and horns, stick the jbl's back in ad send the others back.

  11. The original driver from JBL sounds much better then the installed one!
    The new one driver only sounds much louder, but fare from better.

  12. selenium 50 Hz- 20,000 Hz?? parts express?? I SERIOUSLY FN doubt a parts express compression driver can run from 50Hz to 20KHz!!! That would be almost impossible, and a very expensive transducer to make… 50-20,000???/ WTF?

  13. what amp is perfect for those 2 boxes? can a xti 2000 can be turned max on those and making on mixer not to clip? couse manufacture said 250-500w at 8 ohm and 2000xti got 475wats at 8 ohms, but friend of mine getting them 4 on same amp… :D confused, didn't asked him did he test 2 of them at same amp..

  14. for that u need to change ur crossovers allitle… I did same thing but I putted Paudio bmd 450 high driver's and sound a loot better and friend of mine rechanged crossover little and they sound like 2x expencier speakers :D

  15. I listened several times. They sound different for  sure. The stock sounds a little more sterile, while the upgrade has a wider projection. They both sound good, and I don't think I would have changed them. Not that big of a difference.

  16. Mmmm… actually the drivers don't sound BETTER, they sound DIFFERENT, as you'd expect, since they come from different manufacturers. ;)

  17. Selenium was a brazilian speaker manufacturer. They have recently been acquired by JBL. :(

  18. Extension doesn't matter beyond 12-15k, so i believe the JBL is well designed originally, and replacing a driver isn't gonna improve it, especially since moving the top end half an octave up usually means that the bottom end will also travel half an octave up, so the midrange can end up a bit lumpier and more distorted, there's simply only so much range you can get from a driver before the compromises occur.

    Though it was probably a bit on the lumpy side to begin with, because baffle step and radiation patterns are both bitches, and -3db range specified doesn't mean the whole speaker is within 3db, it's only a range figure projected from the roll-off slopes.

    But for a repair, it's gonna be OK, especially often necessary since the tweeter had low power handling originally, and i suspect the frequency response changes aren't gonna be so bad as to murder the sound. Ideally, the XO should be fully redesigned for the new driver combination.

    [edit]: now at the end it seems like you got yourself a midrange response hole. Not so good.

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