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Bring Out the Full Potential of your Car Speakers with Waterproof NVX Speaker Baffles | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject Bring Out the Full Potential of your Car Speakers with Waterproof NVX Speaker Baffles? Are you looking to see best 3.5 car speakers? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Bring Out the Full Potential of your Car Speakers with Waterproof NVX Speaker Baffles | Newly updated handsets.

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Bring Out the Full Potential of your Car Speakers with Waterproof NVX Speaker Baffles
Bring Out the Full Potential of your Car Speakers with Waterproof NVX Speaker Baffles

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While average speaker baffles are made of foam materials that will deteriorate over time, these NVX XBAF69 baffles are made of a durable silicon that will last a lifetime. Reduce panel vibration, increase midbass, reduce destructive waves, and get better sound!
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  1. I get that that foam piece that goes inside the door is to stop it from vibration, What happens when you roll you window down?

  2. slick marketing speak. Presentation with carefully described situations that promote your business, and knock the others. That's shady. I'm sure others will SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOUR HYPE, AND CALL THIS TECHNIQUE BS. Now, I unsubscribed. Good job!!

  3. If you have sound deadening in the door is it ok to put the foam on top of the deadening material, or is it required to remove that material before installing the foam behind the baffle?

  4. What up Allyn, been watching a lot of soundman. Glad to see you're sponsoring Doug now, I'll be buying some NVX equipment now because of it. Glad to see you're doing good and still in car audio.

  5. I used the enclosed ones. Would love these with a complete enclosed model. I also put sound deadener inside and out of the oldschool foam baffles does great..not sure i want a midbass driver beating the bare metal back side of my door skin..that"ll sound great..lil eggcrate and all. We going to start deadening the whole inisde of the door between inner and outer skin…lol. the rubber part is a dope idea. Plus the flare..give me a removable cap that goes on the back with an eggcrate insert, and im sold, til then..ill stick w conventional, mdf rings and foam extenders.

  6. I like how people think a 1" foam pad behind the speaker is going to absorb the bass in any way. You would need like 4" of some high density material.

  7. so you just run the wires up through the back of the baffle? It confused me for the sealed baffles as you'd have to cut a hole for the wires. I would definitely like to see an install…

  8. I have these and I like them. My speakers were not true to size, 6.5 Orion components stretched these out a bit. With some trimming and customization these worked for my install. Would definitely buy again.

  9. I believe the Install Bay version you don't have to cut the rear. They have you fold it over. Which one is better quality, NVX or Install Bay?

  10. I think I'd punch something like an inch sized hole in the bottom of the baffle near the front of the speaker to help any water drain off just in case some rain were to get splashed inside the baffle from the rear.

  11. I have a focal kx3 active set in my car with the 6.5 inch kx3 midbass speaker in the stock location. Would custom/install adding a second smaller focal midwoofer like the focal es130 k2 5.25 inch to the setup increase the midbass?. I would be powering the second midwoofer off of a different amp channel.

  12. How would these work in vehicles like Honda CRV's where the speaker requires the large spacer and has those mounting "hooks" / "claws" that grab onto the door slots?

  13. Well here it is, less than 6months later, from this video…. these are NOWHERE to be found, sold out/not in stock everywhere. o_0

  14. Question that will probably be ignored just like every other question or comment I have made to this channel, but lets try anyway!! 6×9's in the back window of my car just like every other sedan out there. My problem is that I keep going through them like crazy even though they are setup correctly with proper crossover points and everything. Issue is that even with them not even plugged in they get blown from the subs and the air pressure they make. They are getting pushed up and all out of wack from the backside. I installed the "baffles" that seal them off completely from the back and now they sound horrible!! I have ports from the trunk into the cabbin area of the car already, my worry is that if I do more ports it may ruin the sound quality it has now? Ports I mean for the subs not the 6×9's if that was not clear. Other option would be to make a box that goes under the rear deck area and sealing off the 6×9's but im a much nicer box if you will besides those foam things I have in there now. The foam baffles stopped the 6×9's from gettin beat to death but like I said it sounds like total trash with them in there. Any input would be awesome and much appreciated by anyone! Maybe sombody else has had this issue but it doesnt seem to be too common or maybe some dont relise its happnin to their speakers yet? Thanks in advance to anyone that made it this far!! LoL

  15. F-350 crew cab has 6×8 I installed kickers and they sound distant I have sound damper between speaker and door and some on the outside skin and I covered most of the open holes on the inside skin what can I do to get bigger sound in such a big door?

  16. These+ Fastrings+Fully sealed, deadened door is about as good as it gets. Very well designed product. Would recommend highly

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