Building an addition part 7 : Liquid Flashing, installing doors and windows | Storage of cleaning accessories at Best

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Building an addition part 7 : Liquid Flashing, installing doors and windows | Cheapest cleaning accessories.

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Building an addition part 7 : Liquid Flashing, installing doors and windows

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In this video we use Prosoco fast flash and joint and seam filler to flash doors and windows, and then install trapezoid windows, double hung windows and a door

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  1. Sort of new to the channel. I’ve watched these build videos off and on. Are you a framer as well? As in do you frame house as part of your business along with the dirt work?Awesome work.

  2. Congratulations for the beautiful work, perfection, quality and responsibility, with what you do, I belt many truths in you, I am Brazilian work with reforms and Projects, I love my job, more my big dream, is to work in the USA, I love the system American constructive, highly intelligent, I love American architecture, thanks for the video

  3. You appear to be very careful builders but the placement of the stairs, windows, doors is so awful, asymmetric and ugly. Client's choice I guess. Perhaps you might have advised them with some plan changes so that the room would look as good as it is solid.

  4. Hey Jesse, ever look into the possibility of negative health effects from a too-tight house? Mold is probably the main issue, but other problems can appear of course, you know, as materials off-gas in the home and the inhabitants make errors, e.g. generating CO. Apparently it's not unusual to have much worse air indoors than out, especially with the strong focus today on preventing air leaks and preserving energy and the expense of ventilation systems (air exchangers). Come to think of it, Andrew's house is probably more healthful than most!

  5. Jesse, Hi dear friend ! The question is maybe stupid, but it tickles me !!! Is this big job for a client or for you privately…?
    Could you show us the assembly of your place with all your constructions —- This only if it is not confidential. Take care of you (babies are needing you for long !!!)

  6. I thought you were a landscaper like Andrew C . Are you a carpenter by trade ?Nice work.

  7. How much setup time does that liquid seal have before installing windows? Also, what are those wedges you put on the bottom edge of windows while installing?

  8. You do really great work, Jesse . . . I very much enjoyed this series! Thanks & thumbs up, Joe 👍🇺🇸

  9. We use this product a lot when doing air barrier, my preferred tool is a thin putty knife over the bondo squeegee. Best tip I can give is instead of running parallel beads shoot it out in a zig zag motion, it helps to create a more even spread with less swipes of the knife

  10. Just found your channel and glad I did.

    I haven't watched the entire series so I apologize if my question/comment has been addressed elsewhere.

    With the level of quality put into the addition, why didn't the owners just push over the farmhouse and start from scratch?

    In the shots with the original house, it looks to be in very poor condition.

  11. Doing a great job I guess what’s needed in that climate they don’t do all of that in Texas

  12. Just passed by a house . It was zip sheeted. Joints were not flashed windows were flash with some sort of loose, not stick plastic wrap. Installed were marvin windows. Omg

  13. may wanna turn down the psi on that nail gun. ur nail heads r like half way thru the sheathing.

  14. No thank you. Takes way too long to apply that crap. When you're remodeling homes for a living, getting it done correctly and QUICKLY is so important. The tape is so much faster and does a fine job. Thank you for showing us how this product works.

  15. That addition is so tight. I hope there is enough O for any cook stove or heater. Maybe all electric appliances? Never saw a LIQUID flashing. Very labor intensive. Hope Jesse costed all that out.

  16. I cannot tell you how much that I appreciate this series which you have created! I know the filming and editing alone took some serious time and dedication. I have been drawing plans for an addition similar to this for a while now on my own home. This series gave me several more ideas along with things to take into consideration that I had not taken the time to really think about. Much respect! -Kyle

  17. this part is almost painful to watch with u f-n around w that goop! house wrap returned in the r.o. window set, then tape flange. bobs ur uncle! no fn around

  18. While installing the angled top windows, what are the un-even spacers you put in, then remove?

  19. Fantastic watching your team with the expertise and care they show with their work. You are all to be congratulated. Looking forward to the final episode with your finishing touches. Be safe and thanks for sharing.

  20. This seems time consuming and crazy. Would rather using flexible flashing tape. Zip systems also sells tape for seems. to each his own though. Looks like it will work.

  21. You sir are top notch. I have never seen a builder pay as much attention to detail. Not having different sub-contactors for each task assures each job is done correctly. I hope your customer knows the quality of your work.

  22. I've been designing and selling windows for almost 20 years and I have NEVER sold that liquid flashing! Not once and I don't know why. If I ever replace my windows I will use it, I don't remember what was available in 1991 when I built mine. I always suggest it! There is no way for that window to leak unless the house cracks right where the window is and even then I don't think it would leak. I love new construction windows too! That nailing flange is so nice. Always try to talk your customers into a storm door. They save the entry door. Just make sure if the door faces west or south they get one that vents. A steel door can get up to 400 degrees with full glass in front of it. I have seen the trim around window inserts melt. You put in one brand of window I NEVER sell. I'll give you a hint. They had a huge class action lawsuit against them not long ago. lol Oh, one more thing. Can we see the inside of the existing house? I can't imagine this addition on that house.

  23. I’ve watched this project from the beginning and I have seen very impressive workmen ship , The owners are getting what their paying for and then some 🤙🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  24. can only picture someone telling a old construction worker from before 1970 "now we going to seal all the nails heads with corking and also all the boards joints" :)

  25. @Jesse Muller your Pettibone crane vid says: This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

  26. Pettibone crane the link that is on Andrew's channel can not be used here where I am because of SME ??

  27. Your crane repair video is not avaible in France for copyright reasons.
    Comments are not avaible under it,and nothing to contact you in your channel.
    What is the problem with the video,i could watch your videos until now.
    It doesn't even work with a VPN.

  28. Your last video with the crane: Video unavailable. This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

  29. Great work. Been trying to watch the video of fixing Andrews crane but it says its blocked on copyright grounds in this country ( uk ) because it contains content from SME.

  30. Jesse, Fixing crane video blocked in Russia coz its has content belong SME user who blocked it for Russia.

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