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Building My First Bolt Action Hunting Rifle | It's a Dandy | List of best hand tools

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Building My First Bolt Action Hunting Rifle | It's a Dandy | List of best garden tools for you.

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Building My First Bolt Action Hunting Rifle | It's a Dandy
Building My First Bolt Action Hunting Rifle | It's a Dandy

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Today’s vlog we are looking at building my first ever bolt action hunting rifle.



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  1. Dude! Your first BA rifle beats mine by a mile. Mine's an old Savage 110 in 30.06 with a wood stock, didn't cost much, but damn, it's a shooter! Your first bolt gun will always have a place in your heart. I've bought better ones since then, but I will always love that old savage. Plus, Savage rifles are mega-easy to rebarrel!

  2. A dream rifle build of mine is very similar to yours, except I'd go with a 13.9" .308 with a pinned & welded flash hider to make it 16". The shorter barrel would keep the length down, especially with a suppressor. I like 2 stage triggers, so I'd probably go with a Geissele instead. But the concept of a short, handy, bull barreled .308 for hunting really intrigues me

  3. You are either waaaaay tougher than me, or you hunt from roads, blinds ir stands. Come do a 15-18 mile fair chase walking mulie hunt with me, and carry that rifle all day. About noon, I will let you buy my custom lightweight Savage 10 308 Win, 8.72lbs with scope, for $2500.

  4. They go through spells of laying sometimes… and then some will lay and others won't if they are stressed or something.

  5. Way late on this but look into nosler partitions or accubonds (accubonds for longer range applications) but both bullets are excellent.

  6. LFG, if you find that factory ammo isn’t giving you the results, you might want to consider hand loading. Johnny’s reloading bench has a great series on .308 Winchester. Best of luck to you!

  7. That's such a thiccc barrel for a hunting rifle. For precision by all means, but for hunting…man, should have gone lighter

  8. The first guns my wife ever shot, the first guns she ever even touched were a Suppressed MP5 and full-Auto MAC 11, also Suppressed.
    She enjoyed shooting them both, but I can't help but think that every gun after will be a step down in regards to the experience she has.

  9. Dude, which range is that? I'm from your side of TX too and I've been trying to look for a good range to shoot at other than my pasture.

  10. If you really want to fine toon a rifle load your own bullets it’s night and day difference

  11. Make sure you only shoot for groups instead of zeroing. Find the best bullet then zero the scope. When you get into longer ranges make sure to try and lay down with tour feet laying down to the ground and have as little amount of your hand on the rifle. I do a ton of long range shooting/hunting so those are things that definitely help.

  12. With a rifle like that you should really put time into load development. Find the perfect load for that rifle. Takes time and isn't as cheap as box ammo but it will be worth it.

  13. Bracebuilt is one of the best rifle companies out there…congrats on the bad ass rifle! Can’t wait to shoot with ya….we gotta throw the long ball soon down range!

  14. Bro you gotta get a lighter rifle, something smaller. Dope gun, but that's more of a range gun.

  15. I also got my first bolt action hunting rifle for deer in 350 legend. Keep these types of videos going!

  16. Is lfg not on board with the new spazz LunkersTV? You would have thought if he was going shooting they would have went together…?

  17. As for the bullet reference, I have done very well with Nozler Partition and Hornady ballistic tips. They do very well on elk and muley's. I also reload my own rounds. If you would like to learn it's not very difficult.

  18. Hey Justin! I’ve tested a lot of types of ammo in my 308 and 300wsm but my favorites are Federal Premium with Berger Hybrid bullets and Hornady precision hunter ELDX. But as you know every rifle is different and you should experiment with multiple brands.

  19. I always had a poi shift down with my can. I would zero with it because 98% of the time I shoot suppressed. Plus federal match Ammo is kind of crappy. I would choose a couple different loads and you will see a tighter group.

  20. You can’t beat Hornady for the price of good quality ammo. I shoot long distance in 6.5 Creedmoor.

  21. Try Hornady, light recoil 127 grain loads plenty of power for deer and hogs, a lot easier on the shoulder but avoid the military .308 ( 7.62X51) ammo as your tight tolerances will cause the brass to swell making removal of fired cases difficult.

  22. I shoot a .308 for hunting as well. Started off using Hornady Superformance SST 150gr. Now I shoot Hornady Black 155gr. Much better grouping and performance but it all depends on the shooter and gun

  23. To answer everyone's first question… $2400 rifle + $1800 scope… so that is a $4200 setup sitting there.

  24. Nice gun but a 308 with an 18 inch barrel mus be loud as hell
    If you ever want/need a new bolt action rifle I strongly strongly recommend the Remington model 7

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