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Can a Chevy Colorado tow an RV ( Travel Trailer ) | List of best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Can a Chevy Colorado tow an RV ( Travel Trailer )? Are you looking to see chevy colorado campers? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Can a Chevy Colorado tow an RV ( Travel Trailer ) | Newly updated garden tools for you.

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Can a Chevy Colorado tow an RV ( Travel Trailer )
Can a Chevy Colorado tow an RV ( Travel Trailer )

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In this video, we break down all of the key numbers you will need (GVWR, GCWR, Tongue Weight, Etc.) to figure out if you can pull an RV with your truck. More specifically, we look at the Chevy Colorado and its towing abilities. ..

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  1. He did not seem to know or at the least did not say what GCWR means/stands for. People for some reason like to talk in letters instead of words. So you do not have to go to a new computer "window" to find out. It's Gross Combined Weight Capacity or the total of EVERYTHING !!!

  2. This was just the video I was looking for. My wife and I want to get a 18ft Micro Minnie from Winnebago and I have been debating whether to get a full size or one of these mid-size trucks, and I really like the Colorado. Being that the Micro Minnie only wieghs 3500lbs, there should be no problem after watching this video to get the Colorado. Thanks for keeping it simple for us newbie's!

  3. Great video, this has made everything make so much more sense. We have a '17 Colorado Z71 v6 and are thinking of getting our first trailer. We are eyeing a 2016 Rockwood Roo 23ikss. The numbers I'm finding dont seem to add up (GVWR is LOWER than dry weight??) so I've cobbled together data by looking at different model years. Either way it's definitely a heavier trailer than yours, but assuming I'm crunching the numbers right based on your spreadsheet. I think I still come out with about 900-1000 lbs of margin. It looks like my biggest area for concern might be the truck payload itself – depending on how much cargo we put in the truck and how heavy that hitch weight actually ends up being.

  4. 2021 Pacific Coachworks Sandsport 1915LE is anyone towing this toy hauler with a Colorado 2019 z71 or can anyone tell me if it’s safe to tow? Thanks

  5. Thanks for breaking it down very detailed
    I'm on it like that when hauling my toy hauler as well
    I have a 19 colorado ZR2 DMax and I pull an 18' toy hauler with no problem
    I wish the RV was a bit bigger but being a toy hauler it's a bit heavier the a regular travel trailer and the ZR2 has a max towing capacity of 5k

  6. Hello there Tracy’s! The wife and I also have a 2019 Colorado Crew Cab, V6, but ours is 4×4, W/T, that actually weighs in at 4,498 lbs. we also have a Grey Wolf, but ours is a 24 JS, that weighs very similar. The last time I drove over a Cat Scale on the first trip with the new trailer, first was a Wolf Pup 16FQ, the CGVW was also very similar at 10,578, with a full tank of gas, propane tanks an the two batteries I have. I have to agree these trucks can tow at these weights just fine, actually better than a 2005 Avalanche 4×4, I once had and 2011 Silverado 4×4, Ext Cab we had before the next two Colorados we had, our first was a Z71,4×4 Ext Cab, that we outgrew. But that truck towed the very same trailer the Avalanche and Silverado had as well with better mileage! But what’s very nice is the every day mileage we get commuting around in retirement and traveling with the trailer. Just cruising around town we get 17-20, depending on how traffic is moving, on the highway we average between 22-26, at the speed limits in Florida at 65-70 mph. With the trailer? 10-12 on the flats, under ten in the Smokey Mountains on a trip. Never with any shortage of power at any time. We also travel light, never carry more than 10 gallons of fresh water, use bottled water hauled in the truck in the back seat, always drain the grey and black tanks before leaving campsites. When we were in the market for a CrewCab, we test drove them all, wanting a Gladiator, but nothing compared to the Colorado in power, handling and brakes! Not to mention price.

  7. You forgot the most important number, the cargo capacity of your truck. Many people go over that before going over any of the other numbers. It's also unusual to have tongue weight of less than 10% of the weight of the trailer. Usually it's around 15% of the trailer weight.

  8. Excellent video!! Would you mind sharing the setup you have on your Colorado? Are you using a wdh? We’re about to pull the trigger on a Colorado and a camper. Thanks again for your video!

  9. How do you like your truck I am looking at buying a manual Chevy Colorado work truck. Trying to find the specs

  10. This helped me so much!!! I have the exact truck with a slightly smaller TT we are picking up this weekend. Could you share if use a WDH and sway control? If so, what type/brand. Thanks so much for this video!

  11. GREAT Video! Thanks!!!! We've been told our 2009 wont haul much… is it possible you can point us to where you found the GCWR? Label on our truck only has GVWR and I was able to find some of the other specs on Edmunds. Is there hope for us????

  12. Great video. I have a 2017 crew cab Colorado, short bed pulling an Apex Nano 191 RBS. Hit the Cat scale last year before a trip with numbers F 2500, R 2940 and trailer 3540. Gross wt 8980. So well within range. I calculated the tongue weight using the bathroom scale and a 2×4. Mass equals force x distance and got 720 lbs which at first glance looks wrong. But 15% of about 4000 for trailer =600 and through in weight of battery, propane tank and WD hitch I guess is about right. As far as sway when passed by big trucks, I found adding about 10 gal of fresh water helps.

  13. There's one considerable figure that is all but unknown to most truck owners. The max tow rating is calculated with a minimal amount of frontal area of a trailer. There is a calculated square foot, and it's more akin to hauling the max trailer weight if it's bricks or firewood on a utility trailer. At most, it would be like an automobile on a car hauler.

    Travel trailers far exceed this aerodynamic drag, especially past about 55mph. A typical 22ish foot travel trailer will knock the max trailer tow down at least 30% nearing highway speeds.

    It won't change the gvwr, obviously, but it puts a lot of btu into the driveline.

  14. If you dont want to worry about gross weight just get a truck with equal or higher gvwr than the trailer and you dont have to worry about the other numbers. Can you rent a v8 silverado and compair the fuel mileage vs a colorado? I think you will see a higher fuel mileage with the silverado especially if the trailer is heavier.

  15. Can you tell me how much sway to expect pulling comparable trailer with my 2017 Chevy Colorado. Some people warn that the sway on a windy day or passing a semi is scary (say vs a 5th wheel). Thank you.

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