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Can I Fly with Lithium Ion Battery Powered Tools | The Best Power Tools

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Can I Fly with Lithium Ion Battery Powered Tools | The Best Power Tools.

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Can I Fly with Lithium Ion Battery Powered Tools
Can I Fly with Lithium Ion Battery Powered Tools

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When preparing to travel to Texas for a project, I knew I wanted to bring some of my own tools. Specifically, some of my battery powered tools. Problem I encountered was finding any information on line when I asked if I can fly with my lithium ion batteries. Hopefully if you found this video, it is because you searched for the same thing I did. I hope it answers your question and clears things up.

Any lithium ion battery under 100 Watt Hours can go in your checked baggage. Make sure to separate them or cover the battery terminals. If batteries are over 100 watt hours, make sure you carry them on, but you are limited to two per person.

Lithium Ion battery powered tools just need to be handled properly and you should be fine.

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  1. Very helpful video. Do you have a link for the actual documentation so I could print it out and show it to airline personnel in case they don't know? Thanks.

  2. Amp hour times voltage is how you figure out watt hour. So a 5Ah 18V battery is 90Wh

  3. I think you're only allowed to carry 2 batteries between 100 and 160wh in your carry on. You can carry as many batteries under 100wh in your checked or carry on.

  4. FYI: Watt-hours = AmpHours x Voltage. For example, if you have a dewalt 20V max battery that is 6.0 Amp Hours (AH), then the watt hours are 20×6= 120 Watt Hours.

  5. Thanks for the info and I am about to fly and yeh airlines pretty much say check TSA rules. I am gonna go check the watt hours out now. I will probably still carry it on and cover the contacts with electrical tape to be sure.

  6. I had same problem but on the some batteries, there is a number which tells you if suitable or not but most airlines don't mind

  7. I just traveled through security and TSA confiscated my impact from my carry on. They said you cannot have any power tools in the carry on, only in checked baggage. My 5.0 makita batteries were fine in the carry on though.

  8. I flew wearing a heated jacket, but didn't have the battery connected. And made sure to tell tsa, when going thru the scanner.

  9. Good information. Thanks. Found it interesting that you are in a T-shirt whereas the locals are dressed in winter attire.

  10. chucked all my tools and batterys in my checked baggage flying out to work in canada after phoning and not being able to get an answer from the airline, security out of my home airport is nonexistent so no issue but on the way back i was using edmonton international and didnt think thatd fly so after asking at the airport turns out you can put any number of batteries under 100wh in your checked but only 2 batteries between 100wh-160wh turns out milwuakee 9.0s are 162wh and they wouldnt let that go.. i had the electrical tape over the terminals and had them packed securely.. even drained the batteries before hand to see if thatd help but nope hadda leave 2 9ah m18s at the airport and pay fedex to pick them up and ship them… wasnt impressed after the west jet agent saying i was fine to take it all

    in summary you cant fly with 9.0s or 12.0s but you can take 2 8.0s in your carry on and as many 6.0s or under in your checked baggage keeping weight in mind…. and all power tools are weapons apparently no matter how small or dull they are no bits blades ect still cant go in your carry on

  11. It's so aggravating to fly with tools. Even hand tools. I got 2 t handles and a connecting tube for a multi-bit screwdriver confiscated by Canadian authorities bc while I can fly internationally with anything up to 7"..into the EXACT same airport…when I went to make my connector they told me 6cm is all they allow in carry-on…Yeah…good times.

  12. im a diver and my dive lights & video lights, cameras & scooter there is a lot of batteries & chargers. i find it is easier to ship that stuff than try do deal with tsa let alone it is cheaper than the baggage fees

  13. When I travel with batteries, to try and comply with tsa and save on space in my carry-on, I’ve wrapped my socks around my batteries. They always open up my bag, to check what they are. Usually they are okay with it. If anything else, you can wrap tape around the conductors and still be good. But always have them in your carry-on

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