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Car Audio System: Three Way Front Stage, Part 1! | Newly updated handsets

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Car Audio System: Three Way Front Stage, Part 1! | List of best hand tools for you.

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Car Audio System: Three Way Front Stage, Part 1!

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In this video we do a walk-around and lay out the gear needed to install a three way front stage in a car.

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3 way component speakers vs 2 way

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  1. I have a 2008 Ram 3500 Quad Cab.
    I went with JL speakers in that ride.
    3 JL tweets across the dash and a pair of 4" JL mid range.
    Each front door has JL 6.5" component
    The rears with JL 5.25" components.
    My bass comes from a JL 13W3 in a custom peripheral ported tube enclosure that I made from wood and fiberglass, similar to a Bazooka Bass Tube.
    I'm running a pair of JL 400.4 HD's for my full range and a JL 600.1 for the sub.
    I was previously running a pair of JL 8w3's also in peripheral ported tubes with the 13W3 into a 1.33ohm load as per Wilson Audio's test on the amp.
    The sound stage is very good and with test tones, the highs make dogs blocks away bark, yes, it's very loud and clean.
    The bass in the 55hz kick drum center is extremely punchy with the trio of mixed subs and extended low and loud.
    Wrenches on my across the street neighbor's were rattling on his bench.
    All that with zero noise and clarity at painfull output levels on music.

  2. @3:24, Why is the rear seat sitting on the subs?!? There's a perfect impression of them on the seat base. This will be killing the bass.

  3. Sweet! I'm interested in seeing how you end up incorporating the Dayton DSP. Todd looks like an awesome build!

  4. I'm stoked to watch this build progress! I've been curious about about all the drivers you've selected and I'm excited to hear your opinions on them once they are installed. I've got the Dayton dsp installed one of my rigs and love it (other than how bright the display is on the remote. I need to move it out of the dash location it's in now because it is distracting at night.) Keep it up, I'm ready for the next episode!

  5. Oh man air motion transfer tweets! You can use a capacitor in line with the mid to the tweet and free up a pair of channels for the rear fill. That’s what I’m going to have to do when I put a stereo in my wife’s Hyundai

  6. Tuned in!!!! Im really interested to see what you think about those drivers that you've purchased and how you going to utilize them.

  7. I appreciate the shout out!! Looks like you have some quality product in the mix. Interested to see how those 3.5” do. I also heard those are a “hidden gem”. Keep up the great content!!

  8. Great video 👌👍 I just like watching videos about audio. Never know what you might pick up 👀👂 so I'm always looking and listening 😉🤟

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