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Ceylon Cinnamon Benefits vs Cassia – Best Ceylon Cinnamon to Buy? | Best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject Ceylon Cinnamon Benefits vs Cassia – Best Ceylon Cinnamon to Buy?? Are you looking to see best cinnamon? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Ceylon Cinnamon Benefits vs Cassia – Best Ceylon Cinnamon to Buy? | Best hand tools for you.

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Ceylon Cinnamon Benefits vs Cassia - Best Ceylon Cinnamon to Buy?
Ceylon Cinnamon Benefits vs Cassia – Best Ceylon Cinnamon to Buy?

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Where is the best place to buy Ceylon Cinnamon? And what is the difference between Ceylon Cinnamon and Cassia Cinnamon? That is what I’ll be talking about in this video

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Cassia contains a lot of coumarin, which can be toxic in large quantities. It is much safer to choose Ceylon if you eat a lot of cinnamon.

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Ceylon cinnamon is a high-quality, highly prized spice. Between 50–63% of its oil is cinnamaldehyde, which explains its mild flavor.
Cassia cinnamon is the most common variety. It has a stronger flavor than Ceylon and 95% of its oil is cinnamaldehyde.

Hack your blood sugar
Cinnamon has a reputation as a blood sugar regulator, and researchers are exploring it as a potential anti-diabetic treatment. Human trials showed reduced in fasting and post-meal blood sugar, and increased glucose control in diabetic, pre-diabetic, and high blood sugar patients.[4] Even if you don’t eat sugar often, cinnamon can help keep your blood sugar in check if you’re tempted to enjoy an occasional sugary treat.

Bioactive components in cinnamon regulate sugar in a combination of ways. Cinnamaldehyde promotes increased production of insulin,[5] the hormone responsible for shuttling sugar out of the bloodstream and into cells for energy.

Polyphenol compounds from cinnamon then help maximize your cells’ response to insulin by supporting the activity of insulin receptors, and synthesis of glucose transporter receptors,[6] which can increase a cell’s glucose metabolism up to 20-fold.[7]

Cinnamon extracts can also inhibit the production of pancreatic amylase,[8] preventing your body from fully digesting carbohydrates. This means that consuming carbohydrates with cinnamon will cause a much smaller spike in blood sugar, which could help prevent metabolic disorders such as diabetes.

Lower inflammation
Inflammation is the root of many chronic and age-related diseases, and the anti-inflammatory compounds in many herbs and spices can help you minimize damage to your cells. Cinnamon is known to down-regulate inflammatory cytokines,[9] and increase production of anti-inflammatory proteins.[10] Additionally, compounds from cinnamon extracts are potent antioxidants and can hunt down free-radicals associated with chronic inflammation.[11]

An anti-inflammatory Bulletproof Diet and cinnamon can also help protect against heart disease, which begins with artery inflammation. Compounds in cinnamon defend your arteries by lowering your blood pressure, blood triglycerides,[12] and total cholesterol, while elevating your HDL (the good cholesterol)[13] and preventing your blood platelets from clumping.[14]

A potential antitumor?
Here’s one last thing to get you pumped about cinnamon. While we definitely need more research here, in vitro studies support that you can inhibit tumor growth with cinnamon. By upregulating production of the molecules that cause cell death,[15] and blocking growth factors associated with abnormal growth,[16] tumor-targeted cinnamon could be a future addition to cancer treatment.

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  1. I have an important question about converting cassia cinnamon use to Ceylon cinnamon use in recipes. I purchased a good amount of Ceylon cinnamon recently, and it is strange because the cassia cinnamon is a more powerful smell and darker. The Ceylon cinnamon is much milder. I am wanting to make cinnamon rolls that people put 2 tsp. of cassia cinnamon into — but how much Ceylon cinnamon should I put in the same recipe so that I will get a good strong Ceylon cinnamon taste?! A person has to be very careful where to get the Ceylon cinnamon because it is clear from documentation I have read that there ARE companies that sell "Ceylon cinnamon" just to get more money while they are really selling the cassia. Be sure to go with a company you TRUST. (For me, that is Frontier Herbs.)

  2. I export best quality ceylon cinnomon from sri lanka
    Just leave a whatsapp msg for me

  3. And the Ceylon cinnamon you have there in that bottle may not even be the real Ceylon. But… I got a bag on Ceylon from Amazon and there is a very noticeable difference in the colors between the Ceylon bag of cinnamon vs the McCormick’s Ground Cinnamon. The regular cinnamon is very dark in comparison to the Ceylon. If it’s not, that Ceylon may not really be completely Ceylon.

  4. I think Simply Organic finally made the switch away from Ceylon Cinnamon, because the bottle no longer explicitly uses the name Ceylon on the front or back in the ingredients listing. Not sure if you have noticed the recent change? It's a different hue also. Have you found an alternate brand that names Ceylon explicitly?

  5. i can supply ceylon cinnamon and ceylon spices. who can help me. i want export ceylon spices. please help me. my whatsapp no +94715505114 email –

  6. I have been using 1/2 teaspoon of organic ceylon cinnamon in black coffee once a day for 3 years. When I found out I had type 2 diabetes I started trying it and my A1c went back to normal and my blood sugar balanced out .

  7. My dude it's healthier to just put 1/2 teaspoon of organic ceylon cinnamon into your coffee ( no cream no sugar) every morning. Don't take the capsules because even though the bottle says ceylon it has 25% cassia cinnamon in it which is actually toxic to the human body.

  8. I have two cinnamon gardens here in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 I just did a video about cinnamon.

  9. I get the Ceylon extract. Less oxalates than powder. I put it in my Golden Milk every morning with tumeric extract because it high oxalates too.

  10. how much Ceylon Cinnamon should one take in a single sitting to help with blood sugar levels?
    Diabetes runs in my family, my mother has it, so does my brother and sister. im the only one of the bunch that does not have diabetes, thnk god, however, i am the only one who monitors and adjusts what he puts into his body on a regular basis.
    i dont eat candy, i dont drink soda, i dont consume meat or dairy (if i do, its very very rare – like maybe once a week in a very small amount) – i also drink a lot of water, and take a handful of really well-known and healthy supplements, like spirulina, chlorella, moringa, black seed & its oil, Irish moss seaweed, bladderwrack seaweed, dulse seaweed, kelp seaweed, Amla powder, camu camu powder, hemp seeds, black sesame seeds, walnuts, brazil nuts, he shou wu, rehmannia 6 formula (dragon herbs), i make a big seaweed drink daily that has really changed my life – i started adding ceylon cinnamon to it, just got it in the mail today actually, i started off with 4 grams, which is a half tablespoon and half the recommneded dose – i was just wondering if i should be using the whole tablespoon/8gram serving everytime i take this stuff, or maybe just split the dose in half and do this twice a day?

    i was drinking my sseaaweed drink once a day, but decided to do it twice a day because of the benefits, just far outweigh anything else – if you have not tried a irish moss and bladderwrack drink, you have to try this. it is amazing, and mineralizes your body like nothing else – period.

    i use about 6 grams of amla powder, 2 grams of camu camu powder, 10 grams of irish moss, 10 grams of bladderwrack, and 4 grams of ceylon cinnamon in this drink, use hot water to mix it, then put it in the blender for 1-2 minutes until creamy and your done.
    absolutely life-changing drink, you can do this once a day or twice a day its up to you. i have used upwards of 20 grams of each seaweed in this drink but have found 10 grams of each of the two to be ideal.

    anyway, just was wondering your input on the ceylon cinnamon dose, how much do you take?

  11. Are you still reaping the benefits from cinnamon ? Are you still using it ? and if so, what do you find to be the biggest effect ?

  12. Hello Seth, I use cinnamon Sticks. growing up in the Caribbean we use it a lot for digestion also helps with tummy ache great information.. the sticks are very organic

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