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Cheap Amazon Anvil: First Impression | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Cheap Amazon Anvil: First Impression? Are you looking to see what makes a good anvil? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Cheap Amazon Anvil: First Impression | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List.

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Cheap Amazon Anvil: First Impression
Cheap Amazon Anvil: First Impression

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Roy is giving his first impression of the cast steel 66lb anvil. If you want to read up on this 66lb steel anvil or
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There will be a full cheap anvil review coming out shortly after the release of this video. So look for that amazon anvil review being released within the next week. The Happybuy Anvil review should be fairly in depth. You can also find these blacksmith anvils for sale on eBay.

COMMENT: Have you bought a cheap anvil for sale before? What brand was it? Any other suggestions you have for a cheap anvil alternative?

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  1. I'd like some advice. Would you get a 88lb for $300 or 110lb for $600 my other option is a well made cast steel 150lb 4340 steel 59HRC similar style for $1800 (all anvils delivered price)

  2. Just ordered one of these. If you ask me, the cheesy blue paint is part of the charm.

  3. "Dragon skin?" Oh, because it's from China? That's absolutely hilarious and not racist whatsoever! Thumb up for exposure.

  4. At least it wasn't bondo. I watched a waterjet cut open a HF anvil and it had about a cup of bondo in it, lol

  5. Pretty annoying that this one has such a rough and out of round horn, not to mention the very large repair. It certainly doesn't look like a new anvil to me – it looks like a return that was given a rudimentary repair and resurface on the face and sent on to the next sucker. That might explain why some are blue and some are black. I wonder if the black anvils are the new ones and the blue ones the refurbs?

    That ball bearing rings nice and musical when it rebounds off the face, so this might be a keeper.

  6. Having worked in Steel Casting Foundry, the "fill" you are showing is actually the sprue side from the pour that has been cut & ground off. The smoothness of the grind would indicate no shrinkage in the gate or sprue. A good solid pour.

  7. How did this end up on my suggested videos? Now I want an anvil and yet live on the 32nd floor of an apartment complex.

  8. Nice little anvil. I'd round the straight edges at the side for breaking up and drawing down stock but otherwise, it looks servicable. Its got better edges than my poor old Peter Wright. Someone knocked great lumps out with a sledge hammer by the looks of things.

  9. I have a 110 lbs version (50kg). It is excellent anvil. Its made of cast steel not cast iron. I have black one. I paid for it just over 1CAD per lbs – this is a bit more then cost of steel to make it. Great value. Highly recommended. Italian patent.

  10. I have an acciaio 50kg. The horn is porous. Can I weld up the the holes and grind smooth.

  11. You’re making fun of my only anvil. Can not afford anything else. It is steel, not cast iron

  12. Made in China but it’s a great anvil to start with. Use mine alot but mostly for small items and for knives.very pleased with it for the price.

  13. i just came here to watch this video and the notification of a live giveaway was in the sidebar. just caught the end of it. fingers crossed!!

  14. the round hole at the base of the horn is not really a pritchel hole, it's an access-way for the extension rod on your ratchet wrench to reach the mounting hole to bolt the front foot to your stand, the hardy hole provides the same access for the rear foot's mounting hole. but I agree that with some talented welding of build-up around the hole it could make a serviceable pritchel hole.

  15. I've seen this anvil under vevor, happy**** (something or other), eko-sport etc ….are they all the same?? O.o

  16. Mine came today! 2/7/20. Arrived in 6 days.
    My box was in worse shape than yours! I wish I would have taken pics but was too excited!
    Time to start the clean up. The blue paint is even worse than in the pics!

  17. I love the blue. I’m tired of dark machinery. Old milling machines and lathes used to be black too, but they got smarter and made them in lighter colors.

  18. It looks like it's in better shape than the old harbor frieght anvils. They needed a LOT of grinding…

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