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Choosing the Right Oil Type | Newly updated handsets.

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Choosing the Right Oil Type

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How do you decide what motor oil is right for the life of your engine? ..

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  1. 150k versa and im throwing some magnetic oil in there for the first time. Then again I may not

  2. You DON'T need high mileage oil simply because your odometer says 75,000 miles. If you did then your owner's manual would say so.

    I've put 200,000 miles on a few cars and have never used high mileage oils. If I had an engine that was burning oil or leaking oil then I would consider it but I've never had those issues.

  3. Long story short.
    Old old school car-conventional
    High milage- any 80s or 90s car STILL driving on the road. Period
    Synthetic-Car is around early to mid 00s & u want half & half.
    Full synthetic-newer cars period

  4. How is it going? Do you have an authorized agent or distributor in my country, Jordan ????? We are willing to cooperate and work together. Contact me via WhatsApp 00962-795533647

  5. You don't need high mileage oil unless it's starting to burn a little oil then it might help

  6. A dad what oil brand do you recommend. OOOOO boy DAME lets see…

    Amsoil, STP, Pennzoil, Mobil 1, Castrol, Quaker State, Idemitsu, Royal Purple, Havoline, Vavoline, Ravoline, Shell Rotella, Liqui Moly, Mobil Super, Kendall, Eneos, Lucas, Amazon Basic oil, Kirkland oil, Napa oil, Oreilly oil, Super Tech, Sinclair, Circle K, Road Tech, FVP, Amelie, Sunoco, Acdelco, I sint, Xtra Rev, Kum Go, Moto Tech, Maxx Oil, Mag 1, Pro TX, Peak oil, American XT, Cam 2, Klondike, Citgo, Luk Oil, Driver One, Midwest Plus, SMB, Superfast, Prime Series, On Guard, Pilot Flying, Bronzrun, Duramax, Advance American USA, Vintage, Harvest King, Systmy7, Get Go, Wolfs Head, Race Pro, GTC, Q Motor oil, Super S, S Oil, Pro Line, Sash, Xado, Pure Guard, Master Pro Tech, Supreme, Milesyn SXR, Navi Guard, Auto Quest, AutoZone Oil, LubriGold, Starfire, Beck/Arnley, Pento Super, Puratech, Federated, Pronto Supreme, Mile Master, Fram Oil, Traveller, Born2Run, Phillips 66, Navi Guard, Everest, Morgas, Speed Way Oil, Sams 1, Best Choice, Preferred Choice, Conoco, Service Pro, Tecmark, Petromerica, Liberty, Cenex, Agip, Warren, Brad/Penn, Sure Guard, Trublend, Part Plus, Motorcraft, Zelcol Max and the good old Shaffer's.

    Have fun picking..

  7. Can you tell me what to use in nissan juke 1.5 petrol engine.
    Car driven for 45k km.
    Thanks in advance

  8. Hi sir could you tell me the right engine oil for my mitsubishi chariot grandis 1999 model tnx more power

  9. Good Afternoon,
    Could you please say if I could use Valvoline synthetic blend engine oil in a 2010 Mazda 5?

  10. मारुति वैगनआर गाड़ी इंजन ऑयल ज्यादा ले रही है

  11. Why should anybody trust AutoZone because where I live at they cannot even read check engine light code on a vehicle old model 94 cuz I cannot read the code I know you not be able to know what the different is why should anybody trust AutoZone I never will know more Advance Auto in the same way

  12. No one know more than the manufacture! If the manual manufacture say ; ex: 5w20 SAE Conventional Motor Oil. Why you going tu use a different one ??? Do you know more than who designed the car? Period .

  13. Valvoline maxlife synthetic blend or Castrol gtx high mileage syn blend for IS 300 Lexus with around 190k miles. anyone?

  14. I have a 2005 Taurus with 302,000 kms on it and used good quality mineral 10w30 oil. I change it every 6000kms andit still runs perfectly.I have no used for $85 oil changes. Also because my oil is always clean I only change the filter every second oil change.

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