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Cleaning a dryer vent on the roof – Do not DIY! | top best products brands

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Cleaning a dryer vent on the roof – Do not DIY! | Top best products for household.

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Cleaning a dryer vent on the roof - Do not DIY!
Cleaning a dryer vent on the roof – Do not DIY!

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It was time to clean out my dryer vent and since mine is on the roof, it was quite the project! Watch what happens – lots of headaches in this one. I recommend hiring someone for this job instead of doing it yourself!

Some products I used:
Vent cleaning kit: (this broke off into my vent so I DO NOT recommend!)
Makita drill:
Cement: .. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

Thank you very much

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  1. would have been easier to stick a leaf blower at the lower end and boom! saved you all the extra work

  2. if you can get in your attic and see where the 4 inch dryer duct exits out the house next time it rains hard check it out and make sure you don't have a leak.

  3. Good for you for at least trying to do something…and even a greater kudos for being able to fix it yourself. I build large houses for a living…yes we would have replaced the vent a little better but what you did will work and congratulations on doing it.

  4. I cut a hole in my vent so I could fit the brush in from the top. I had run the brush up from the bottom several times, but there was a blockage at the top. I covered the hole with duct tape when done.

  5. In central Florida Carpet Valle is the solution, the stick every time is on one direction in en out your stick no stock, then blow from inside with the fan blower

  6. We have tools that go in easily. That use rev air. You're leaving a shit load of lint in there. The kit you have is Ok for a wall clean out. Nothing more.

  7. You’re supposed to go in from the behind the dryer inside the house! That way the rods bend easily going up the pipe. You will probably have to clean your roof vent as well. But don’t go down, always go up.

  8. There are some tasks that are best left for the professionals… This would be a one of those. Sure, this seems like simple enough. I have learned over the years to say, to hell with it, I gonna hire this one out!

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