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Cleaning Brick and Stone – Outdoor HowTo From Home Work With Hank | Storage of cleaning accessories at Best.

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Cleaning Brick and Stone – Outdoor HowTo From Home Work With Hank

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Home Work With Hank is the leading source for tips and tricks when it comes to handling hardscape, landscape, and any other outdoor do-it-yourself (DIY) project around your home.

In this project, Cleaning Brick and Stone, Home Improvement expert Hank Camosse provides tips on how to choose the right cleaner for your brick and stone and demonstrates the most effective way to clean off those grimy and dirty bricks and stones!

This video is part of Home Work With Hank, hosted by Hannk Camosse. For more videos on home repair and restoration, check out Hank’s Channel, ..

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  1. This video seems A waste of time And Money,
    first of All… no one wants to spend money trying one product after another,
    Second… He shows how the job done but Never the After (result~!) : Thanks but no Thanks.

  2. This is the kind of video that doesn't really show the result, and when we hear "might have to do it two or three more times", we know it isn't really doing a
    well enough job. And a pressure washer, sometimes, is the only thing that really gets your brick steps clean and fresh again in minutes rather than scrubbing for hours on end. Brick cleaning requires tough measures in general. I am no longer wasting endless time with 'soft cleaners' first.

  3. A high pressure washer won't push dirt in deeper, but if you don't have a good cleaning solution, it won't clean that well unless you are using a commercial high pressure and temperature sprayer. If you decide to use a high temperature and pressure, you don't need any solutions. The temperature of these machines can reach about 250 F. This will dissolve anything, however you will need to ware the proper safety apparel, such as helmet, goggles, high temperature gloves, apron and boots. You would only do this if you have a large area to clean. If you are just doing your garage, driveway or barbecue, a regular pressure washer and solution will work fine.

  4. Who wants to watch a video that shows you how to clean something and then the guy says why you might have to do this two or three times? There are plenty of videos that show you how to do it once and it's beautiful

  5. You said you were using a special product LOLif you're going to do a how to video you might want to tell the viewers the name of the product you're using! from the way the jug looks I was able to look it up and it is artisan efflorescence remover! It is a non acid solution. every review on home Depot and Lowe's website says this product does absolutely nothing! Or it took 5 and 6 applications at full strength. Maybe that's why we didn't get a before or after picture.

  6. The National Brick Association, the makers of bricks, says never to use acid to wash or clean bricks. It can damage the color of your bricks and void your warranty.

  7. I always love to fuck shit up by using the right tool, but for the wrong job ya know, fo shits n giggles, yo.

  8. we have calcified water on our property and outside our house is brick. what should i use on hard water?

  9. Acids can destroy br8ck and concrete – Must saturate it with water 1st.

    Got a Non-Acid Option?

  10. I disliked this video because he did not show a before and after.. how do we know if it worked on the brick??

  11. Problem is you should always power wash your masonry lol. You telling me that chemical alone will clean it is absurd. I clean sky scrapers in Detroit to homes in the country all use power washer. Lime stone, brick, blue stone, tile, block, concrete. Same story different surface. 200* water and one restore will clean just about anything. I'd rather you tell the diy people leave it to a professional. You telling them they can buy dangerous chemicals to play with isn't smart nor safe. Example prosoco 1261 hard water remover will place you in the hospital for a week min if you get slashed with it. Please anyone reading this I say it for your protection call your local pro. They will agree with me lol

  12. I use hydrochloride acid for dark bricks use about 2 to 3 inches in a bucket fill it with water get a broom that will soak the acid and hold it in the bristles and put it strait on the wall leave it there for 5 to 8 minutes and go anout 10 to 15 metres aciding the wall at a time while leaving it the acid on the wall go straight away and start scraping when you've scraped it all off then wash it off then repeat on lighter bricks put 5 to 10 mil in the bucket and repeat as above if you put to much acid in it will stain the wall and bits of the lighter brick will turn green if it turns green not to worry just use chlorine as what you would use for a swimming pool put about 2 to 3 inches of chlorine and fill it up with water and repeat as a acid clean would be carried out.

  13. thanks for the "how to." I might suggest taking before and after pictures and showing them at the end of each demonstration or at the end of the video.

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