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Cold Steel Special Forces shovel vs Military entrenching tool | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Cold Steel Special Forces shovel vs Military entrenching tool? Are you looking to see military shovel? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Cold Steel Special Forces shovel vs Military entrenching tool | List of best hand tools for you.

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Cold Steel Special Forces shovel vs Military entrenching tool

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Two of the best survival shovels out there. But who will win?

I have pitted these two titans against each other, Digging, Copping and feathering. See for yourself the best shovel for bushcraft.



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  1. Hi Johnny Prep Bushcraft, I saw your YT channel on a mutual subscribe in Bushcraft survival and primitive skills I’ve just subbed to you now. Good comparison review video, thanks. Where in the world are you? Good luck with your channel. Have a great day and stay safe. James

  2. As far as digging goes no, I would have to give the edge to the military tri-fold. I owned a Cold Steel shovel, and gave it to my son, as I did not feel that it did its primary job, digging, as well as a cheap, reproduction trifold. I'm quite certain the US military Ames entrenching Tool that I have coming from eBay will be quite a bit better than my cheap made-in-china knock-off that I had. I just didn't feel like the Cold Steel shovel bowl, if you will, was concave enough like my trifold shovel was. The cold steel is quite a bit flatter, which didn't lend itself to removing quite as much dirt per scoop as the tri-fold.
    Things I loved about the Cold Steel Special Forces shovel was that it was fairly light, and multi-purpose. You could certainly chop some kindling with it. I do not recommend using it as a seat!
    Who knows? I may get another Cold Steel Special Forces shovel. Give it another go.

  3. Nice video. I like the review but leaned toward the Cold Steel from he beginning. It is much more versatile.

  4. Why can’t Cold Steel make this simple shovel in USA? Why Thailand? I won’t buy that Thailand garbage.

  5. Cold steel seems so much better I must say. Seemed to slice through the earth with such ease and the fallen tree too. The handle is far more user friendly on the cold steel.

  6. Nice to see a comparison of these two. I have a russian shovel and a us army tri fold. There are a few more uses of the tri fold. Makes a great seat actually quite comfortable…or latrine seat under one side. It can be angled at 45 degrees too, to be used as a grapple with a rope attached. I've used it as a nice hand hold in the 90 degree position when climbing down a cliff. Or just hook the head around a small sapling or branch. I've heard it can be used as a frying pan too but I've never tried that yet. Thanks for a good video.

  7. Great review! I used the US version of the trip-fold in the Army many years ago. Four of us shared three of those to dig an M-60 pit, a horseshoe shaped foxhole, really big. It sucked. I recently got a Cold Steel shovel after having many of their products for years, I love me some Cold Steel! That shovel is awesome. Being able to turn the head on the other to 90 degrees is super handy, but there's a lot moving parts, things to be oiled. Plus the Cold Steel shovel is a good thrower as well! Look it up!

  8. put copper coat anti seize on the folding e tools nut. works much better. the wood ones are more ideal but for a bob bag, folding one hands down

  9. Great video, thanks for the comparison! That other one seems difficult to use for many things.

  10. The camp is coming on good m8. Nice comparison video. The cold Steel shovel far superior

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