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Cold weather and issues with Viking battery charger. | Newly updated handsets

Are you searching for the subject Cold weather and issues with Viking battery charger.? Are you looking to see best car battery for cold weather? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Cold weather and issues with Viking battery charger. | Newly updated handsets.

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Cold weather and issues with Viking battery charger.
Cold weather and issues with Viking battery charger.

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Issue I had wile trying to charge an almost dead battery
in the 35 ish degree weather. beware you may have
cold weather charging problems with the Viking battery charger. ..

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  1. Perhaps I can shed some light? These little charger/maintainers of any brand aren't miracle workers. They can only do so much. Barring a problem with the charger or the battery from the get-go, this one auto-detects battery voltage as either 6 or 12V and starts from there. But like all modern chargers they have a lower limit from which they will commence charging from. This is a modern charger safety function. Too low and you will get an error. The repair function is merely a higher voltage/pulsing of current meant to dislodge any build up of sulfation on the battery plates that would impede charging. Not all agree that it actually does much however. Batteries do not like being discharged to a low voltage and won't take that for long before being damaged. But keeping an older charger or power supply around to bring such discharged batteries up to acceptable voltage for the modern chargers to begin charging is a good idea. Hopefully you get this sorted out.

  2. brought it from 4 to 8 thinking it was a 6v battery that's why you had to bring it up to at least 10.5v and when you did it thought it was a 12 v battery and worked

  3. Even when it is warm, 70 degrees, the POS won't change my new motorcycle battery. But at 0.2 volts it won't charge. Even after resetting it many times it won't charge it at all. Thank you for calling it a POS

  4. Thanks for your video, but all new (smart) charger won't bring a dead battery to life unless they have a desulfator/reconditioner. It is not really the cold weather.

  5. Never buy a 2 year old battery in the first place. Batteries degrade over time. Always get one that's not over 1 month old. FYI Autozone.

  6. At 4 volts and at near freezing temperatures, you should not have started to charge the battery right away. You should have brought it in the house to allow the battery to warm up, then charge it. In fact, it's really dangerous to charge a near almost frozen battery, since with only 4 volts, the sulfuric acid will instead be mostly water (and why batteries expand in freezing temps) It's like my neighbor wonders why he blows the motor fuse every winter in his 80 gallon air compressor during the freezing temps (unheated garage) Simple fact is air compressors should not be used in freezing temps, as the water the compressor creates will freeze.

  7. Never leave or charge a battery on the ground especially on cement or concrete floors.
    Trust me.

  8. Well I noticed you have it on 12v standard… Deka Batteries are AGM… The Viking does not automatically go to AGM mode. You have to physically go through the Modes and put it on AGM. The charge rate is different so I'm not surprised you had trouble.

  9. Thank you for your video and sharing regarding your experience with the Viking battery charger/maintainer. I am not a mechanic or expert, but I just suspected that the Viking charger may not be able to work well in the dead of Minnesota winter to resuscitate dead batteries. This is the reason why I also bought the NOCO battery charger and for jump-starting purpose. Also, during the Minnesota bitter cold winters, I don't keep batteries on or off my motorcycle in the cold garage. It is just too cold for batteries to be left out there. The cold winter here destroys batteries especially when a vehicle like a bike is not used often during the wintertime.

  10. I believe that in the instructions is says, in order for it to function properly the batter has to have at least 10.5V, and if the battery has less than 10.5V then the bad battery symbol will display and the maintainer will stop charging..

  11. Hay, I found the manual just by googling it and the problem you ran across was the face that the low voltage made the charger think it was a 6v batt and when it reached the good 6v batt charge it tuned green to tell it was done charging and in good condition, so, the problem was the the very low voltage of the dead batt, so yes you needed to charge the batt with a transformer to get it recognized by the digital charger, good luck

  12. I recently bought that same model, so I have the instructions (for now). It says it will not work for very discharged batteries. It is designed to maintain batteries that are fully charged or close to a full charge.
    Should have it's bigger brother, the 2|8|15 amp charger (or the old fashion dumb charger) to bring batteries up from that dead battery state.
    Mine is working fine to maintain my battery, even with 15-20 overnight temperatures. My truck (just for towing and camping) has a phantom load that drains the battery dead within about 5 days, so the charger is handy to keep it in a working condition when I go to use it.

  13. I don't think it failed mate, it's probably because the battery was close to flat. Modern chargers have fail safes built in to not drive voltage into "batteries" with really low voltage. You need something that just outputs amps at the correct voltage to revive batteries that go flat and I'd suggest doing it at the lowest amperage available. The modern portable jump packs won't detect they're even connected to a battery when the voltage is too low. They won't get into the output mode as a result (I'm not talking about the lead acid sealed batteries in a plastic case jump packs, but the lithium ion handheld ones). It's always a good idea to have an old school amp driver as a backup.

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