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Comet Industrial AXD Series Pump Repair & Maintenance | List of best hand tools for you

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Comet Industrial AXD Series Pump Repair & Maintenance | Newly updated handsets.

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Comet Industrial AXD Series Pump Repair & Maintenance

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This video provides step-by-step instructions on repairing or providing maintenance of Comet’s AXD high pressure plunger pump series.

AXD Series Pump Models: 2427, 2524, 2527, 3020, 3025, 3522, & 3525

Steps Include:
– Replacing the Unloader Valve
– Replacing the Delivery/Suction Valves
– Replacing the Ceramic Pumping Pistons

For more information on Comet industrial high pressure plunger pumps, visit www.cometpump.com.

Comet high pressure plunger pumps is distributed by Valley Industries in North America. For more information on Valley Industries, visit www.valleyind.com. ..

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  1. Hi, what would be the most probable cause for a milky oil foam coming out of the Oil Cap with Vent for an AXD 2325? Thanks

  2. On axd 1617 I see a hex plug screw beside the outlet port and directly connected to the unloader valve. I've pulled up diagrams of the pump but can not find a answer. Can that plug be removed and replaced with a threaded barb to go to a buffer tank?

  3. The pump is leaking oil when in use, it appears to be coming out the drain plug, replaced the o-ring but it now appears to be coming out in the middle housing seal. Is that just the large o-ring possibly leaking.

  4. Oh. Ok. I have a problem with my unloader valve. I didn't relize there was another part down there. I see it now. I'll have to find a tool to get that out. This was a vary helpful video to me. Thanks.

  5. Hi I have a problem with my pump, the detail is with the oil is throwing it where the plug is.

  6. What grease are you using, and how to you remove/replace the seals around the actual pistons?

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