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Are you searching for the subject Common Airless Spray Tip Sizes? Are you looking to see airless paint sprayer tips tricks? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Common Airless Spray Tip Sizes | Best hand tools.

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Common Airless Spray Tip Sizes

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Quick video explaining the uses for the various spray tips. Explanation of tip sizes.
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I have a demo at the end so you can see 4 compared against each other.

These are suitable for use in furnished domestic homes where you want to keep the overspray to a minimum.

I also use these same tips when spraying roofs, the reason being is the reduced overspray, and also economy, that is using less material by sending the material to the surface, rather than the air. You are less affected by wind gusts etc.

I know im going to get the roof painting cowboys telling me i cant do this, but you can and there are no problems. i price in replacing these on a roof, so if i do a roof, i finish it, and throw the tip out, or keep it for areas where i can get away with a worn tip.

Painting Professionals – Taking the ‘pain’ out of Painting ®

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Sny in die kante van ‘n plafon en mure met behulp van ‘n Wagner spuit.
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قطع في حواف السقف والجدران باستخدام رذاذ الرش فاغنر.
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একটি ছাদ এবং একটি Wagner airless স্প্রে ব্যবহার করে দেয়াল প্রান্ত কাটা.
স্প্রে চিত্রাঙ্কণ, রং, চিত্রশিল্পী, সংস্কার, পুনর্নিমাণ সাজাইয়া


De coupe dans les bords d’un plafond et des parois à l’aide d’une pulvérisation sans air Wagner.
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Schneiden Sie in den Rändern der Decke und Wände mit Spray Wagner.
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Κοπή στα άκρα ενός οροφή και τους τοίχους χρησιμοποιώντας Wagner ανάερο ψεκασμό.
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एक छत और एक वैगनर वायुहीन स्प्रे का उपयोग दीवारों के किनारों में काटना.
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Pemotongan di tepi langit-langit dan dinding menggunakan pengap semprot Wagner.
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Taglio nei bordi di un soffitto e pareti con uno spray airless Wagner.
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Keratan di tepi siling dan dinding menggunakan semburan rimas Wagner.
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Corte nas bordas de um teto e paredes, utilizando uma pistola airless wagner.
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Резка в краях потолка и стен с использованием безвоздушного распыления Wagner.
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De corte en los bordes de un techo y las paredes utilizando un rociador sin aire Wagner.
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Kapning i kanterna av ett tak och väggar med en Wagner högtrycksspruta.
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พ่นสี, สี, จิตรกร, ปรับปรุงสร้างใหม่, ตกแต่ง

Bir tavan ve bir wagner havasız sprey kullanarak duvarların kenarları kesme.
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Cắt trong các cạnh của một trần nhà và các bức tường bằng cách sử dụng máy phun wagner.
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  1. I see a lot of large droplets while you are spraying with some tips and no large droplets with other, smaller fan and orifice holes. Is the because of size or are the tips "blown"?

  2. Gday mate. Ever used the replica tips on ebay the cheap $10 ones i use pretty much all the same ones as you just curious as to if youve ever used them or know of any other painter that has. Great video btw

  3. have to ask mate with wall/ceiling water base paint, what 15lt brand goes better through the sprayer and do u have to add more water for the paint not to be as thick ??

  4. Been a sprayer and tutor for over 50 years, never left my guns so full of crap. And noted the drips from the tip.

  5. Could you please tell me the size of the purple tip that you used and brand? I had a hard time hearing, thanks!

  6. Thnx for all the information, i just bought the Wagner powerpainter E90. I'm a painter in holland, to be honest i never used a airless, but i'm starting now. I want to try ur set up, with the graco gaurd tip, and these kind of spray tips.

    With the setup i bought now i got these, is there something i can do with them or should i just not use them?
    1x 0418705 Tip XS ( 409 )
    1x 0418707 Tip M ( 515 )
    1x 0418708 Tip L ( 517 )

    Then about the video, I dont really understand which tip u use for a typicall kind of paint
    -Is it that the 414 and the 312 are used for latex, walls and ceilings etc?
    -and the 312 and the 212-210 u use for doors or every kind of woods which needs to be painted indoors? But do u use water-based or alkyd/oil paints?

  7. Hi Was thanks for the vid. Quick question, what size filter (e.g. 60,100 etc) are you using in the gun for the finer tips spraying acrylic?

  8. When changing tips….. If u have one that sprays and leaks at the tip n spits right…. When u change it to a new tip which is the same number but dosent sprays just mist….. What causes that n how can it b avoid …
    One tip sprays and the other mist…. How come

  9. Thanks for sharing been in the spray painting business for forty five years since the first airless sprayer was on the market for sale

  10. Thanks for showing this :-)
    What gun filter mesh do you use for the different tips?
    Can you recommend when to use 100 mesh vs 60 vs 200? When or why to use the different types?

  11. friend i jave airless and when i use wall paint its blocked the paint.so do i need a bigger tip to buy ?

  12. Cant see where your housing is leaking from. But you need to clear out your trigger. But of paint dries in the opening and prevents it from completely closing straight away which leavs dribbles.

    Turn your preassure up and flick your trigger to clear it. Also use this to clear sucker pipes etc

  13. That helps mate, thanks
    Might be worth mentioning that orifice size is in thousandths of an inch…….. e.g. 515 is 10" spread through a 15/1000" orifice

  14. Hey mate, thanks for the great tips! Helps a great lot.

    Just wanted your opinion on new units/ homes for spraying. All gyprock walls and ceilings.

    What tip/ set up would you use the for undercoat and then the finish?

    Would you spray walls first or ceilings?

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Gday Mate .. lots of good info on tips ..not a lot of fellas in the uk spray… iv been at it for 25 years .. work always looks bloody good on finish , save a lot of time …. make good money … jack 

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