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Comparing 4 Humidifiers | Best Humidifier for Indoor Houseplants and People | Review | Ep 115 | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Comparing 4 Humidifiers | Best Humidifier for Indoor Houseplants and People | Review | Ep 115? Are you looking to see grow room humidifiers? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Comparing 4 Humidifiers | Best Humidifier for Indoor Houseplants and People | Review | Ep 115 | List of best hand tools for you.

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Comparing 4 Humidifiers | Best Humidifier for Indoor Houseplants and People | Review | Ep 115
Comparing 4 Humidifiers | Best Humidifier for Indoor Houseplants and People | Review | Ep 115

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  1. The water tank that comes off and is refilled in the bottom is so that cleaning is a lot easier which is expected for you to clean with a bleach water solution ATLEAST twice a week. Or according to scientists and doctors EVERYDAY with the bleach and water solution, or if there is mineral buildup use an oxalic acid solution or white vinegar and water.

    If you don’t disinfect the humidifier as the manufacturers expect, you risk spreading bacteria and mold spores into your air. Humidifiers that claim to have anti microbial properties have been proven not to be correct.

    Safety with bleach: always dilute, manufacturers recommend a tablespoon per gallon of water and leaving it to work for 20 minutes. Use gloves, especially if you decide to use a higher bleach to water ratio.

    Also the removal tank is great for avoiding getting water into the air intakes and electronics.

  2. Love the video, super helpful, thanks so much for doing it. How do you manage to keep your house/flat dry whilst using humidifiers? Do you try to keep your apartment at a constant humidity or do you just turn them on for a couple hours or so? If all the time, what level and do you have trouble with mold and dust mites etc? Thanks in advance

  3. Hello
    I have 2 variegated monstera one is albo. They are doing good with me. I have placed them north facing window room.

  4. Hi. Thank you for the video. I myself also have Levoit lv600hh. Anyway, it's winter right here right now, so heaters are running inside the house and humidity levels are down to 33% usually. To make the humidity go up is by turning on this humidifier and levels go up. So my question would be, what is best mist setting (cool or warm) for tropical indoor plants like fiddle leaf fig and orange bird of paradise and Alocasia amazonica? Where will they thrive best or what do they really need..a warm or a cool mist? Or it doesn't matter?

  5. How can u inform ppl about a product when you don’t even know the products yourself like wtf ….

  6. Definitely try to condense and be more straightforward the rambling on about the first one was not great. I get basic is cheap and does it s job awesome but what makes the more expensive ones better that why were here watching this review….sleek design, cool features, hot or cold mist? Ultrasonic , puts out negative ions like tell us the good good shit we wanna know just a tid bit to think about in your next review or comparison

  7. Useless videos made by useless people for bored and boring people, I find it useless and your information just garbage, here is a guy who wants to present some humidifiers but does not have the logic, or brain to learn how to pronounce his products..Looks like comparing his kids but cannot say the names correctly as stupid as it sounds …Honestly, in the first place if you do not know how to pronounce a product, how dare you compare and give info? The validity of your info is. 0000000000

  8. Hi, Which humidifier do you recommend best for nasal issues like stuffy nose etc?
    Can you use distilled water in those units ?

  9. Thanks a million for this video, it has helped a lot in trying to determine which humidifier to get for my plants. 🌿 👍

  10. Doctor Monstera calls a humidifier "cute".
    Me: "…dammit, he's right."
    It DOES look cute, and now I want to put googly eyes, ears and a fluffy tail on mine. It already has four little legs, it's not good husbandry to let it go without those now. My home will never look like a grownup lives here. :P

  11. you should check out Sansi "full spectrum" grow light bulbs i think they are way better than all the lamps in the description xD

  12. Yay! I'm getting the Elechomes humidifier. Love that's it's a top filler. Ordered it from Amazon and I am so excited to get it.

    Thank you for your review!

  13. I’ve been in the market for a new humidifier. I’ve had the levoit in my cart for months. I can not bring myself to buy another humidifier that consider a ‘bottom fill’. For as much as I use my humidifiers in the winter (I also have a central home humidifier set up,) I’d rather pay more for a top fill. That being said there are some that are too fill but also dismantle from the bottom, found those to leak. Really like those two top fills you showed! Thanks for the video!

  14. The Essick Air Whole House Humidifier is the absolute best! I have used mine for over 15 years.

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