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Concrete Box Out Drain Preparation | List of best cleaning accessories.

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Concrete Box Out Drain Preparation

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This video demontrates how to prepare a concrete box out for the installation of the Schluter®-KERDI-DRAIN.

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  1. You dont need to drill in rebar into the existing concrete to make sure the new concrete/ drypack doesn't settle?

  2. Coupling must be scheduled 40 pvc. Do not use a 4” pvc sewer coupling – must be scheduled 40. The OD of sewer pvc is smaller and drain does not fit!!!

  3. As other commentators have said, the 4" PVC coupling will not work for the ABS flange, it is too small. A 4" ABS coupling, however, is perfect. So PVC coupling for PVC flange, ABS for ABS

  4. I used the 4” coupler as shown in the video and it doesn’t allow enough room for the drain. The outside dimension of the black drain piece is 4-1/4”. If you are using the black one either size up the coupler or be prepared to try and take it out after the concrete has set.

  5. A nice video! No doubt! I still can`t understand why we have to use this flange connection? I have just destroyed both shower room pans (for remodeling) and no one has such flange. Just down pipe and drain grate connected directly. But now I`m going to change it and replace old plastic drains with contemporary linear stainless ones. OK, I can replace a down pipe position, howewer if I use this flange system connection, I have no option to locate new drain grate by the back wall of shower cabin (with no tiles behind). This flange is larger than 75 mm linear drain grate and it can`t give me doing that… Could you kindly advise me a proper solution, please? Thank you

  6. And does an extra drain come cut in half with your little drain kit! You didn't show how to do anything in a real world scenario…more BS

  7. A word of caution on the 4" PVC coupling that is being recommended and used in this video to provide space for the Kerdi drain. Make sure you PERFECTLY center that coupling around the riser pipe as the drain and coupling provide nearly no wiggle room (about 1/32") when merged. I was off by 1/8" and now have to figure out a way to shave off the interior walls of the 4" coupling, so that the Kerdi drain is able to drop down.

  8. so, using the sand and cement mix doesn't require slurry? and you can install the tray immediately without letting it set?

  9. Why didn't you list the measurements in the video? Was trying to determine what height without the pan and drain

  10. Our builder left the drain pipe sticking out with concrete all around it (no space around the pipe). Would I have to open up the area around the pipe to install this drain? If so, how much would I need to remove?

  11. Great video. One tip to avoid a mistake I just made: cut the Pvc riser pipe to length before filling with concrete. The video shows this correctly. If you do that you’ll need to buy a pvc inside cutting tool to trim down the riser to the right length.

  12. Wondering how many people watch this video and up accidentally slopping concrete down the drain because you didn't protect the opening

  13. Thank you for showing how to fill in the drain box left by the builder. This makes a simple and solid fix that will last. Most sites suggest just using sand or dirt. Thanks again.

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