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Condensate Pump Replacement & Troubleshooting | Repair and Replace | List of best cleaning accessories.

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Condensate Pump Replacement & Troubleshooting | Repair and Replace
Condensate Pump Replacement & Troubleshooting | Repair and Replace

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In this episode of Repair and Replace, Vance explains how to troubleshoot and replace a condensate pump. If water is leaking from your furnace then its likely that the pump has stopped working, so its best to test it first. You’ll also learn how a condensate pump works and how to install and connect a replacement condensate pump.

If the condensate pump motor fails, then there might be water leaking from the furnace when the heat or air conditioning is on. If the pump motor runs but the reservoir overflows, the check valve might be plugged or the pump might be plugged internally. If the motor doesn’t run, then the float switch might be stuck or the motor might be burnt out. In a lot of cases its best to replace the pump.

To order a replacement condensate pump online :

If your furnace isn’t working, then watch our troubleshooting guide:

Related part numbers: VCMA-15UL, VCMA-15ULS, VCMA-20UL, VCMA-20ULST, VCMA-20ULS, VCMX-20ULS, VCMX-20ULS-C, VCC-20ULS

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00:00 Intro
00:32 How it Works
01:42 What You’ll Need
01:53 Troubleshooting
03:47 Remove the Old Pump
04:20 Install the New Pump


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  1. Did this help you troubleshoot and replace your condensate pump? Leave a comment and let us know!

  2. I spent the entire night trying to figure out why no air was blowing throughout my house. I checked the furnace pilot light, the wires of the thermostat…. it turns out,… it was the condensate pump. I had seen random water in the basement earlier in the night, and your video was the key to me figuring it out and solving the problem. The hot air is blowing. The house is getting warm again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  3. Sincere thanks. I had NO idea what was wrong (except that the furnace wouldn't "go").
    This tute led me STRAIGHT to the problem – a blocked check valve that I managed to free up after several hefty BLOWS (the last of which BLASTED water out).
    The only point I'd mention is that I had to CUT off the bottom of that clear discharge tube as it was almost "welded" onto the check valve (and the furnace is only 2 years old)!
    No biggy. I had enough length to PUSH the tube onto the check valve (& clamp it) after it was freed up & reinstalled.
    I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.
    Liked & subscribed,

  4. Great video – I was just wondering if the pump reservoir will always have water in it and your animation showed me that the answer is yes

  5. Welp. I went from zero knowledge of the subject to everything I need to know about exactly what's going wrong with my furnace thanks to this video. Huge hat tip to Vance. I literally subscribed because he explains things without me feeling like a total moron!

  6. Very clear and well produced with great illustrations and nicely paced useful explanations.

  7. Could a faulty condensate pump be signaling a “pressure switch open fault” in the furnace?

    Great videos!

  8. Could a faulty condensate pump be signaling a “pressure switch open fault” in the furnace?

    Great videos!

  9. I woke up last night to a hot house. My air stopped working and my Nest had a e195 "no power" error. I thought this was weird because it had been working fine for the last year. I flipped some breakers, played with some Nest wires. Nothing.

    Enter the condensate pump shutoff switch. Mine triggered because my pump failed. This video gave a great general overview of what exact the pump does and how to go about replacing it. I write to you now form a cool house. Thanks AMRE for the awesome video.

  10. I was told the one way valves are a pain in the ass.
    I also have to send water up almost 8 ft to reach the drain pipe, I'm wondering if I should get a heavier duty pump, or have an additional one way valve half way up, as my existing pump set up is failing after only 2+ yrs, only pumping up to a foot or so.
    I'm having trouble sourcing just the 1-way valve for a 554401 1.0 A pump too..
    If I wanted to use 50-60 ft of hose I could drain into a sink less than 4 ft up too, minimizing the work of the pump.
    What to do about this annoying problematic drainage..?

  11. What if the pump runs too much, excessively? The pellets look dirty. Could this be the problem? When I started the AC the pump stopped running.

  12. Just installed one of these a month ago. Came home this evening and A/C was not working. Safety wires are hooked up so I know that's working. Walked over to unit and the Pump is running continuously tank is full but water is not being pumped out. What do you think?

  13. My ac was dripping in basement, before getting to the c pump. My ac guy could not come kidney stone so this woman was determined to solve. Cleaned pump, much needed BUT question here is a lot of the foiled tape was loose because of condensation. An out take not connected if I put a paper towel in it the leaking stopped. It had foil tape over it that came loose. So I reaped areas exposed. Leaking has stopped, pump is working But could more water build up inside and ruin or rust inside unit. Sorry I need confirmation since this is certainly not my expertise. Problem solved but could I cause another problem. Hope you reply! Thanks for your videos…

  14. I can't find a video that explains where the clear hose goes. This is what I have: aAVPTC426014AA handler and Little Giant 554542 VCMX-20ULS-C 84 GPH 115V Automatic Condensate Removal Pump. I have a 50' clear hose and I did buy that black plug. My handler is sitting in the attic, with a shallow tray that the furnace is setting in. There are two PVC pipes; one from the handler and the other from the shallow pan.the pan is so dilapidated that the water wants to spill on the floor before it goes out the pipe. The handler pipe is probably clogged. I decided to add a pump. My question is, do I just thread the hose out the house and tie it to the PVC pipes that lead outside the house? The pipes flow into the neighbor's yard. They are sweet and haven't complained yet, but that's probably because the pipes are clogged. Unless otherwise instructed, my plan is to thread it outside and into my yard. Am I doing this correctly?

  15. My float switch won't engage. The water just overflows onto the floor. It will work if I press it manually, but it won't work on it's own. I took the gadget apart and it looks just fine. I don't understand why it's not moving when the water level hits it? Should I purchase a new one? This is only about 2 years old, and only gets used 2 months of the year. Ridiculous!

  16. Our house came with a furnace humidifier already installed. I've been trying to research, but I'm not sure I fully understand how to tell when it's working properly. Should the pump run constantly when it's functioning? I add water to the reservoir, it runs for a few seconds (the water level goes down) and then it turns off. The ambient humidity in my home has not gone up whatsoever since turning it on, so I really don't know how to tell if it's working or not.

  17. Thank you thank you thank you !!! I was just about to order another pump and you saved me !!! How can I donate to your cause ???

  18. Great video! I noticed recently that my condensate removal pump gets activated on its own every 4 seconds and engages for only 1 second and then stops to repeat the cycle all over again. No water appears to be leaking but I noticed that the furnace is not extracting as much water as it used to do in the past. Not sure if that due to the climate and the period of the year we are in. What could possibly be wrong? You gave me good pointers to figure out the problem but thought I would ask anyway.

  19. Video only covers the pump not turning on. My problem is different: the pump won't stop. I've tried bending (up) the metal strip that triggers the pump, which fixes things for a short time. Unfortunately, the amount of downtime decreases until, after about four hours, it runs continuously whenever the furnace runs.

  20. So what if it's the fuse box? Or not getting electric due to a switch turned off? According to these instructions someone would change the unit not knowing it was the electric turned off. I think this video should be remade because not all home owners know it could be a popped breaker. Even a visual inspection of the cord because people have animals and yes even a mouse could have chewed up the cord. And also to check the outlet pipe for clog or even general hard water issues and how vinegar can soak and clean parts. I mean it's a good help video but should really have a little more detail for the diy home guys or gals. Also water leaks always from above so don't forget to check the pipes for water leaks because they just may change this unit and find out it was another issue like a water line dripping or running down near the unit. Or even a clogged or leaking drain from above. So they are not fooled

  21. Why is the water that comes out of my pump from my a.c. have an oily film. Have the pump pumping water into a new trash can that I dump a few times a day and it has an oily film on the top of the water every time and only in that one. The other pump I have on a different one has clean water coming out.

  22. Did not hear pump running. I have seen 12 videos no one has allow me to hear it running. I want to know how quiet they are. No one has compared them.

  23. This has helped me a lot. Turns out that my installer never installed the discharge tube. They left the condensate pump unpowered and unleveled so that it sat like a diamond/rhombus and leaked from the lower end. They're going to get chewed out and I'm installing the last bit myself.

  24. Excellent video – we had this problem. Vance goes through the details and steps quickly, including the safety steps, with excellent video and quick and straight to the point.

  25. Don't forget to also fully check whatever tube is leading out of the pump. Turns out, mine was clogged with some organic gunk that had built up during the warmer months . Pump worked fine but it wasn't strong enough to get past the block. Stuck a metal rod in there and it cleared everything up.

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