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Cool idea! Do not throw away broken drill machine! | List of the Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Cool idea! Do not throw away broken drill machine!? Are you looking to see power drill wattage? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Cool idea! Do not throw away broken drill machine! | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Cool idea! Do not throw away broken drill machine!
Cool idea! Do not throw away broken drill machine!

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I installed a 12 volt blender motor on the broken drill machine.
It’s not as strong and fast as it used to be, but it can be used in small jobs.
You could also use 12v battery instead of adapter.


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  1. What did I just watch? Seriously im waiting for the transformation into thia cool idea. Did he just make a shittier drill out of a drill? Reminds me of the guy that made a neat electric lighter aka micro turbine. PEOPLE… SOME KIDS LEARN ON HERE. AND WHILE THIS IS ACCEPTABLE WAY FOR THE LEFT TO LEARN. IM GONNA REPORT THE VIDEO AS MISLEADING AND I THINK ITS UP TO ALL OF US TO DO THIS.

  2. tbh id rather see a blender upcycled with a hammer drill motor, that would be a great dirty kitchen video

  3. Whats the name of that black thing that connecting the wires. Mines burn up. Could u tell me the name so i could get a new one

  4. you can fix bettry and make it screw driver..and you not mention anything in video,,,abou motor.wires ets

  5. So here I am, sleeping overnight with my German Shepherd in his doghouse because I pirate d the electric motor from the wife's blender, ha ha.

    Interesting video though and I did appreciate learning that other "cans" could be used instead of the stock, usually more expensive motors, and could easily drop-in instead of having to order one from DeWalt, Minneapolis, or Makita, etc.

    I think a lot of people missed the point that items such as this can easily be repaired instead of tossing them in the trash.

    I currently have (2) drill guns by Hyper Tuff from Walmart ($18.00), one extra just because of the price which are fine for home use, plus I got an extra battery and charger in the deal.

    At the same time I also have DeWalt, Makita, and Ryobi cordless drills and screw guns as well as several other corded drills, (for the last 50years) and have been fortunate they still function as well today as when I first purchased them. but the thing I'm getting to is It is still nice to know how to repair items such as this without having to buy a new one.

    And what I came away with was how to integrate a new motor to the mechanics of an inoperable unit, so Thank You for sharing.

  6. Идиот. Обороты маленькие. Дерево сверлишь. Хаха, на большее она и не способна.
    775 хотя бы двигатель взял!

  7. And I thought you were going to make something cool out of the gears and other guts inside that old beat-up drill 😞

  8. I liked your video, congratulations, I’m written on your channel, I really like watching your videos, I have a exmilhadeira that burned could u make a video doing how to fix it ??

  9. Самоделка откровенное говно больше вложил , далее проворот двигателя обеспечен при нагрузке, штивт двигателя тоже подлежит сомнению бро 3,5 ляма за хлам

  10. I don't need drill machine to drill holes in such soft pieces of wood my hammer is enough 😅😅

  11. Well, that was kind of useless….thank god for super-speed skip…never did find the interesting bit or even the point of it.

  12. Where's the cool idea? Here i am with a drill, the motor works, but idk what I wanna make with it. Not another drill… I already bought one to replace this one 🤣

    U suck

  13. Nice creation work explain them which type of circuit board use send me name& photo send ur number sir

  14. Power tools are in the group were the saying "they don't make them like they used to" is very true. Tools used to be made to last twenty of even fifty years. Most of the junk made today is designed to only last until the return period ends. You are better off fixing simple things in old higher quality then buying some of the new junk tools.
    That motor could have been cleaned up with plastic safe electrical contact cleaner, and the brushes replaced for pennies.
    Replacing carbon brushes in motors used to be something everyone knew how to do.
    @4:51 You ignored the missing insulation on the power cord, when you could have fixed that in another minute or two with the soldering iron. It was fixable before, now it's junk too.

  15. Worst sounding drill I’ve ever heard! If my drill sounded like that, I’d throw it away and replace it.

  16. ouch lol i just hear hella gears grinding. why you gotta push down so hard?😂😂im playin bro nice work, i couldnt have even thought of that.

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