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Cordless Drill Restoration | Dewalt XRP 18V TYPE 1 | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Cordless Drill Restoration | Dewalt XRP 18V TYPE 1? Are you looking to see dewalt cordless coffee maker? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Cordless Drill Restoration | Dewalt XRP 18V TYPE 1 | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Cordless Drill Restoration | Dewalt XRP 18V TYPE 1
Cordless Drill Restoration | Dewalt XRP 18V TYPE 1

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Cordless Drill Restoration Video

In this video I restored a Dewalt xrp 18v drill that I got from japan recycle shop only 10$. I need to buy new battery 25$ and battery charger 28$. I totally spent 63$ for this project. After the restoration, I used it for a while, it works very well but a little bit heavy for me. It weights 2kg.

Cordless Drill Information
Dewalt Xrp 18V
Model DW988-JP 13mm TYPE 1
18V 400W
Made in USA

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!!! I apologize for the mistake if I have made in this restoration !!!

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  1. Totally didn’t just go check my garage to make you didn’t like magically take my old dewalt haha. Mine doesn’t look that bad but it also has a burnt out motor

  2. Nice restoration but I think drills with lithium batteries are much better !!! So thats why they throw it away !

  3. Judging from the disassembled parts that was a well made good tool. Unlike every new one which has been crapified to the max.

  4. You could of swapped cells out of the original with the aftermarket it would fit fine no need for soldering just swapping out the complete cells because of the doorability factor of the original DeWalt battery housing and it matches brand-wise

  5. Can I send you a drill for you to dissemble, send the casing to someone and assemble it when it returns?

  6. Mostof the poorer countries are doing an almost impossible repair cause most of us cannot afford to buy a new unit

  7. Ok. Used drill in excellent shape? Ok. I’ll give you $25. Nice job thought. I admire your ability.

  8. Thank you. I got a whole dewalt set someone threw out. Getting new batteries and now I'm gonna refurbish them. What did you use to clean the parts? What kind of grease is that? Thank you so much

  9. Damn! $63 plus 6 hours of work (let's say you make $30/hr, that's $180 worth of your time). It's probably better to buy a new set instead. Or a slightly used set with battery and charger for $75.

  10. Rebuilding the gearbox is a tough job that requires a lot of thought … best to take a lot of pics as one dissembles the box to assist in the reassembly.

  11. Can somebody tell me where to buy a second hand cordless drill or impact drivers in indore pleae giys give responses

  12. Shelly Ph: 86-13671843635, 2911282844@qq.com, Skype: linnaniu1
    Novyz(Shanghai) supply the custom service of Electrical Junction Box, 19"1u 2u 3u 4u 5u 6u,7u, 8u server subrack chassis and network enclosure, rack case

  13. Honestly for majority of people who use drills this much it is waaaaay easier and mor efficient to just buy a new drill 1 for jus a lil more power and 2 because they either don’t have the time or want to use the time relaxing or doing other things that are cheaper to do themselves than to fix the drill… plus not many people even know how these things even work

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