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Craftsman Portable Tool Chest Re-Do. | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject Craftsman Portable Tool Chest Re-Do.? Are you looking to see best craftsman tool box? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Craftsman Portable Tool Chest Re-Do. | Best hand tools.

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Craftsman Portable Tool Chest Re-Do.

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I have had a lot of questions about the tools in this box, I have also added some more tools to the kit. So I made a new video. And as always Thanks for watching! ..

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  1. Do they sell that 4 drawer version anymore? That's like the perfect size for me but can't find that exact model anywhere, even on the used market.

  2. Hi, I’m a student beginner tech, how much do you think all this would cost in total ?

  3. Im building another toolkit for our suburban and i hate those lame socket holders. Any clues what i can buy or fab to hold my sockets in place? I will try to make a video

  4. I seen your comment and his shout out for these tools. Outlaw Edge Bladeworks Bushcraft and Survival

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