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Craftsman vs Milwaukee – TOOL FIGHT – Big $$$ Difference | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Craftsman vs Milwaukee – TOOL FIGHT – Big $$$ Difference? Are you looking to see craftsman cordless ratchet? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Craftsman vs Milwaukee – TOOL FIGHT – Big $$$ Difference | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Craftsman vs Milwaukee - TOOL FIGHT - Big $$$ Difference
Craftsman vs Milwaukee – TOOL FIGHT – Big $$$ Difference

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We take a Milwaukee drill and compare it to a Craftsman drill. This is not a technical tool fight, its just 2 tools head to head. No stats just an off the shelf tool fight!
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craftsman cordless ratchet

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  1. I owed a 20V DeWalt for 3 years and I lost it, now I have a craftsman for over 2 months and I can tell you… I don't regret on saving 150 bucks. I liked so much that I bought their cordless miter saw, and again, I use every day to build decks cutting 2x8s and it does the job, you just need to remember to use it properly… It is not a corded saw.
    Craftsman is not a DIY brand anymore. Watch the comparation of their 7-1/4 cordless circular saw with the DeWalt, again, it worth it to save some money.

  2. Craftsman has a cordless wet tile saw it’s just a matter of time before they get a table saw I think craftsman will come back being made in the usa or China any day even I was mad when found they were starting to be made in China but was happy when they said when he mad here again

  3. I think craftsman it's better than Milwaukee but not Dewalt but I think one of the best is festool

  4. This feels so biased. Notice how they have the “Lowe’s PRO” banners. Craftsman is now a Lowe’s brand. Just something to consider. VCG does a great job at testing these tools.

  5. The performance of the Craftsman was really impressive. I just don't understand why they did not provide a handle since it's got the power to make torque demanding holes.

  6. I will pick either…on the other hand nobody mentioned that Craftsman is a 20 volts (small battery on the video) and Milwaukee is 18 volts (bigger battery on the video) both work PERFECT for me. Milwaukee has more experience (3 years more) than Craftsman on the market, but I REALLY like the colors and both Brands. Both brands have their good quality tools. Some tools are better to buy in Craftsman and some other tools are better to buy in Milwauke.

  7. I own the craftsman 20v line up I’m a handyman in Ohio and I love it I treat my tools good I make good money i love it I’m interested in buying into more tools in the 20v line

  8. I just realized that craftsman is not the hammer drill that's a little unfair since the Milwaukee is a hammer drill

  9. Bro. Craftman been here for 100 years.. with best return/exchange policies.. just know they'll be here for 100 more

  10. Neither one is obviously better. The reason i would pick one brand vs the other would be the lineup, milwaukee has a bigger lineup, BUT that ONLY matters if I'm actually going to buy all those tools. Since milwaukee costs more, I'm not going to have the money to buy them all, craftsman has a decent lineup thats growing very fast and the lower price enables me to buy more.

  11. In my opinion you are better off buying a Milwaukee m12 fuel drill if you're a home owner, it is compact and powerful, the m12 fuel drill and driver set goes on sale often for $199

  12. Lowe’s sells craftsman and deWalt and Home Depot sells Milwaukee 😂 seems there’s a bias if these guys are sponsored by Lowe’s

  13. Just randomly saw someone on eBay selling refurbished Craftsman V20 drills with battery and smart charger for $39 with free shipping. The ratings were 5 stars out of 5. Bought one… looks like brand new (no scratches or damage). battery was already charged up and interchangeable with 20 volt black and decker models for $23 also on eBay. Very pleased !

  14. Remember Milwaukee CHINESE OWNED!! (Hong Kong- Techtronic Inc.) Craftsman AMERICAN owned/ publically traded (Stanley/ Black and Decker) , also Metabo, AMERICAN owned!! (Hoki Holding/KKR investment 100% American owned)

  15. I have about 10 pcs from the Craftsman 20v line. This is how they held up under mild use…
    Drill: the chuck wobbles and I think is about ready to fall off
    Impact driver: sometimes requires a tap or light smack on the workbench in order to work.
    Orbital sander: bearing is completely shot (is
    now very loud and vibrates out of my hand
    Reciprocating saw: non functional

    And of course the flashlight is working like a champ lol

    Loved them the first and now I cringe Everytime I pull the trigger praying they still work as they should….

  16. Just got the craftsman I mean in the end I am a homeowner don’t need pro stuff good value no brainer for me a good value is a no brainer

  17. I have ended up with various craftsman v20 tools and have been satisfied with all of them so far. I would say I am the average home owner. I do like Milwaukee a lot but dont honestly need it for home repairs and remodels. Used my drill for a bathroom remodel and it held its charge and didnt give me one reason to think it had a difficult time doing so. Main selling point is when I go to lowes and they have craftsman tools on sale for half the price of the next equivalent. If they break I would consider switching to Milwaukee

  18. I've been using the Craftsman 19 v series since the early 2000s. They have been really durable and really great The only tool that has ever failed me was the stupid vacuum. The old nicad batteries eventually died and I got some of the lithium batteries.
    They are now making everything older completely incompatible and obsolete so I think I'm done with Craftsman just for that fact alone.

  19. I’ve been buying craftsman power tools because it’s more affordable and is you’re just as me to work on projects around the house, no need to have big brand name, bought the 8 kit tool combo for 350 including jig saw!!! It’s hard to find big brand name combo that included jig saw unless you want to pay 1500-2000 combo with the jigsaw. Bought the cordless craftsman miter saw and it’s doing the job I’m loving it, and I just bought the cordless 18ga brad nailer could’ve been happier. For all them tools I spent around 800 dollars, now go buy big brand tools with 800 dollars and let me know what you get. Like I said unless you’re not a contractor no need for expensive tools.

  20. Craftsman has miter saw, circular saw, hammer drill, drill driver, 1/4 impact, 1/2 impact, saber saw, reciprocating saw, blower, angle grinder, flashlight and more all on the 20v line. And a great warranty. This isn't black and decker guys

  21. They like Milwaukee because of stigma. I own the craftsman 20v drill driver, impact driver and hammer drill. They do no worse than any other

  22. This was a huge question I had when I saw the price on the Craftsman tools (cordless) especially after the days working with my Grandpa and loving the early Craftsman tools and wrenches especially.

  23. I sow remember the lines and loud booooooooo sound after the TV stations went off and then all the "snow" and "ant races" lol

  24. I use Milwaukee at work and Craftsman at home… Craftsman batteries fit just as many, and the same exact types of tools Milwaukees do. That was an uneducated statement about the "Number of tool the battery will work on"… Have you seriously not been inside of your own stores?

    They are both great, honestly. In an unbiased opinion, you'll be happy with either. Just do more research before you make false statements.

  25. I have the M12 line. I love it. I have a few more to buy. I still have my Craftsman 19.2v stuff. The issue with those is, battery availability and the guts technology is outdated, lacking. But it all still works great. I'm torn on what 18+ volt line to switch to.

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