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Cranking Amps vs CCA | List of best hand tools for you

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Cranking Amps vs CCA | Newly updated handsets.

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Cranking Amps vs CCA
Cranking Amps vs CCA

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Cranking Amps (CA) vs CCA
Cranking amps and cold cranking amps seem to be the subject of a lot of questions we receive. We’ve constructed this video in hopes to answer those questions and interact better with you guys.
Here at Big-Time Battery, our top priorty is making sure that every customer reaches maxium satisfaction with all products recieved.
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  1. If my volts are good but my cca is 100 out of 450 would it mean my car is needing a new battery it starts up good still but need to know for my weekend driver car

  2. I know I've got a idea let's put this bloke in a big room so his voice echo's and it's really difficult for people to understand him 👌

  3. Yesterday morning when I went to start my car, all I heard was a “ping.”

    I held the key down, then the engine cranked right over… is that cold cranking apps at work, or do I maybe have a small issue in my electrical system?

    It is colder than a mothers in laws love in Indiana right now.

  4. sir dose the cca value affect capcity in AH…what is the connection bw theese two parameter

  5. I just realized I need to re-watch the entire first minute of the video because I was intently observing the shaking table and the laborious speech and reading of the guy. I think he needs to stop being so professional and just talk lol

  6. Mechanic wanted me to change out the battery as the CCA was rated at 610 and measured 152 with 13.56 volts? Should it be replaced based on cca alone??

  7. Battery dosnt keep the engine running once the engines running the alternator powers everything else why’ll charging the battery. The only thing the battery dose is give power to the radio window locks and so on. But it’s main job is to give power to the starter to turn over the engine once started the battery dose nothing but sit there and get re charged

  8. Thank you, very good info. I work at a batteries store and this is very useful for explaining how cca’s work because I get the question often

  9. How good can a lithium 100 amp battery be for building a high capacity jump starter. I now they are super expensive ($1,000 +) bud I need to jump start anything from 10 to 30 cars a day.

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