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Crazy Drill Press From the Future! Is the Nova Viking Worth $1000? | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Crazy Drill Press From the Future! Is the Nova Viking Worth $1000?? Are you looking to see best cheap drill press? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Crazy Drill Press From the Future! Is the Nova Viking Worth $1000? | The Best Power Tools.

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Crazy Drill Press From the Future! Is the Nova Viking Worth $1000?
Crazy Drill Press From the Future! Is the Nova Viking Worth $1000?

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Crazy Drill Press From the Future! Is the Nova Viking Worth $1000?

Nova Viking drill press review. I need to make space in my shop so I’m replacing my floor standing Jet drill press with the Nova Viking bench top machine. It’s got some crazy features. Is it worth the investment?

Nova Viking Benchtop Drill Press:

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  1. Hey, I'm sure you know that the wedge tool is to remove the chuck and arbor, especially since you will be removing it to put in a keyless chuck. Really a dream drill press, but not only could I not afford it, I couldn't even justify it.

  2. After a ton of research. I’ve decided I’m getting one! Gonna pick up that magnetic drill press fence that you demonstrated in another video too. Gonna make my life way easier!!! One question I did have is what keyless chuck would you recommend? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks brother

  3. Love the video. I’m getting one for my shop, but I need to wait almost 5 months for delivery.

  4. Your minor complaints are benefits… fine threading on depth stops gives greater precision, and less "walking" The vertical travel relation to handle is appropriate. RARELY are people dealing with 5" Tubing, and need to go through both walls with a reduction gearing to increase travel to a 3:1 ratio.

    This direct drive unit has a confuser, I cannot imagine it lasting forever like my 130.00 Craftsman 8" Drill press with the belt and motor…. no circuit boards. If motor dies, a used motor from anywhere will fit. I just expect a drill press to be a basic no frills device. Even a vertical mill, for small uses… rather have manual XYZ with a DRO. But that is just me.

    The variable speed is nice. That is done by belt on mine, which I rarely change from about 500 rpm

    To put this in my service van, even with the high roof, I would have to cut the roof out for a dome to accommodate that motor. No, not cutting the roof on my Sprinter ! I might need a smaller drill press.

  5. I am convinced that a bench top drill press takes up as much space as a floor standing one.

  6. What is the overall height of this drill press? From the top of the motor to the base. Cant find it anywhere.

  7. I know the bigger press has a manual depth stop that is tied into the depth sensor. Does the Viking have a manual depth stop. Some say yes and others no. The manual does not mention it.

    That being said the one HP is plenty for woodworking with the constant torque from the SR motor. Don't know if metal tapping will work on Viking. It reverses but the slowest speed does not match the bigger unit which goes down to 50.

  8. 9:30 it's round so that you can turn it and have a new spot to damage. Then flip it over for more blow out stoppage.
    You're welcome.

  9. If you want a clean cut with a forstner bit, you start by scoring in reverse and then drilling. Nice video though, really

  10. I'm curious to know what keyless chuck you went with and if you are happy with it after using for the past year.

  11. Just use the round table insert as a template and route out a bunch of wood replacements on the router table with a flush trim bit. 👍

  12. I have tried to get the answer to this from teknatool and failed. Please help me if you can. If the drill press is setup on a bench with a wall behind it and the base of the drill press is placed right next to the wall, is there enough room to turn the table handle? Assume the wall is vertical.

  13. FWIW, done properly the keyed chuck knuckle-busting can be prevented. When tightening the chuck always insert the key on the right side of the chuck and lift up towards the teeth on the chuck. To loosen, use the left side of the chuck, again lifting towards the teeth on the chuck.
    And that wedge tool is to leverage out the drill bit from the quill. Insert it in the slot above the chuck.

  14. David. Luv the vid. You and Dan make a good couple and the Cartel love you to I bet. LOL> He he… Question, please Meade that table, I’m going to buy the drill press if I can find one in stock.

  15. A left hand drill bit is the best way to remove a broken screw or one with a rounded out head. They are called left handed because the spiral of the flutes is a left hand spiral.

  16. They probably made that a circle at about 10 minutes, just like manhole covers are circles… so it won't fall through?

  17. Cool. Nice drill press. I just bought a new one yesterday.
    It cost me $54.99. ha ha ha ha ha . . . .

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