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CRKT neck knives/ SPEW V Obake | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject CRKT neck knives/ SPEW V Obake? Are you looking to see neck knives? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

CRKT neck knives/ SPEW V Obake | List of best garden tools for you.

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CRKT neck knives/ SPEW V Obake
CRKT neck knives/ SPEW V Obake

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Talking about the positives versus the negatives of some of the crkt neck knife lineup mainly focusing on the spew vs. Obake.

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  1. That hawk bill would be an electricians best friend cutting electrical tape off rolled up wire or cutting heads loose on wire pulls!

  2. Very nice review. I will buy more CRKT because they make great knives, but I will not buy any more of their neck knives because two Spew knives in a row started slipping out of the sheath.

  3. I wouldn’t want to be stabbed with either one, I don’t even like a needle now how small is the needle compared to them kinfes

  4. Is there a book that I could order that I could pick out a knife a phone number Or a address that I can get touch with them prefer be a phone number where I can order a book

  5. Would like to purchase one of these knives please get back to me on where I can purchase 1 please comment back thank you very much

  6. I love crkt blades especially my two minimalist..the squid is a nice edc for the price I wish I still had my obake but that's a story of it's own

  7. Their kydex sheaths get very loose after time & you lose the blade. Recently lost a Minimalist Warnie — probably my all-time favourite neck knife design (Shame about the soft as shit steel). My next neck knife is gonna have to have a retention mechanism. Probably Spyderco ARK

  8. Not to sound like dick but pretty sure obake not aus8 positive its 8cr14mov I have all three full size obakes black handle etched blade and two red handles one etched blade other satin blade

  9. Please stop swallowing it's super annoying but other then that good video just found it harder bc of all the swishing and swallowing

  10. I think you explained the whole penetration thing wrong. The easier you have to push the cleaner the cut te more blood flow. Beside the point of self defense is, at least with this small a knife is to give em a poke or two and hope try go away. You do t want some crack head trying to mug you to get their aids blood on you.

  11. I love these designs I also own the obake great blade.

    You should pick up the new CRKT Civet.

    Perfect size with 8cr13mov.

    Man, I'd love to get a neck knife in S90v.

    I might make my own and send em out for heat treatment.

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