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Are you searching for the subject Custom Rifle Accuracy at an Affordable Price (Review)? Are you looking to see most accurate rifle? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Custom Rifle Accuracy at an Affordable Price (Review) | Latest information about hand tools for you.

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Custom Rifle Accuracy at an Affordable Price (Review)
Custom Rifle Accuracy at an Affordable Price (Review)

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Hunters often want to cut weight and improve the accuracy of a hunting rifle. In-Rut Rifles has just the gun for the job. This review, Scott Reekers highlights the custom features of a 6.5 284 non-typical In-Rut rifle. Pick-up the December/January 2017 issue of Eastmans’ Hunting Journals for a full review of the gun.

Scott sits down with the owner of In-Rut rifles to talk about accuracy and making every shot count in this review:

Eastmans’ subscriber Gary English puts his In-Rut rifle to work on an Alaskan mountain goat hunt:

Todd Helms puts the Full Curl In-Rut rifle to the test in this review:

Catch up on all of our rifle and optic reviews here:

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  1. That’s bullshit! In rut basically put 2 different things on it and charges people 5 times what it’s worth including labor which would be about 1/2 hour to build for a competent gunsmith. It’s 2021! There’s better rifles out there for less money or WAY better rifles for similar price!

  2. I see from all the comments that you've heard it before, but I'll say it anyway. At the price points on their website ($3,000 – $4,300), the InRut rifles are high priced for what you get. GA Precision has similarly priced stuff and is famous for incredible quality. Also, in the sub $2,000 price point there are Christensen Arms Ridgeline (a 1/2 MOA rifle that I own and use) and the Havak Pro Hunter2. Both fantastic products at 1/2 the price. Finally, for about $950 – $1,000 you can get a Remington 700 American Hunter, put a $145 Timney or TT trigger on it, glass bed the recoil lug ($50 – $100) and get 1/2 MOA groups at 350 yards (which I did — so it totals $1300 let's call it). Just sayin'….

  3. Fuck most of these sponsored rifle videos just dribble bullshit. Budget, get fucked. Jewell trigger otherwise I JUST WONT BE ABLE TO HIT ANYTHING OMG WHAT EVER WOULD I DO WITHOUT A JEWELL TRIGGER. Fuck off idiot

  4. A $3k budget rifle hahahahahahaha. My savage axis shoots under an inch at 100 yards. What can this rifle do that my $200 savage axis can't?

  5. Buy yourself a Savage with an accu-stock and accu-trigger. Learn how to reload. Everything you need for reloading for under $400 and you can have a sub moa rifle. I have a custom rifle that shoots sub moa even a 1/2 moa. I paid dearly. My brother bought a Savage and he gets close to that 1/2 " at 100 yds. I have bought a couple Savages since and I can get them to all shoot sub moa. Savage 110 and 116 models is what I have and no complaints. Sure, the custom is a little nicer looking, but a 1/2 " group is a 1/2 " group no matter where it comes from.

  6. Overpriced and no where near worth the $$$. Their accuracy guarantee for anything over .30 Cal is a 1" Group @100 yds (from a 'custom' $4k+ rifle). You can spend half that and get a factory rifle with a sub-moa guarantee (such as weatherby) on .30 Cal and larger.

  7. Hahaha budget my ass. Browning, Bergara, tikka, so many other companies that have great rifles that are tack drivers.

  8. That is not a budget rifle. A budget rifle is around $1000 and that is mid range budget. So you want to cut ounces and you put that gigantic scope with a one piece base on it. It’s not even set up to where it looks comfortable to shoot.

  9. You want an affordable rifle that shoots sub MOA? Buy a Savage 110/10 and learn how to reload… under $1000 for everything you need ;)

  10. Budget rifle… never said the price… all about weight savings… never said the weight. There’s nothing special about this “affordable” 3000 dollar gun naked without glass/rings. Just another builder out there throwing rifles together on a remmy action. Christensen has just about the same basic format of a rifle for 1300 msrp, fierce and Seekins at the 2000 msrp price. Not a good sales pitch all n all

  11. I guess the difference between the typical and non typical is the spiral-fluted bolt and drilled bolt handle? No 7mm SAUM for caliber choice? when ordering a rifle it would be nice to have a choice of some non readily available calibers, not the same ones that can be purchased in any department store or WalMart. Kimber Mountain ascent in 280AI weighs a bit less than these and is $2200?

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