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Deadly camping light with 240v USB outlet. | List of best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject Deadly camping light with 240v USB outlet.? Are you looking to see rechargeable led lantern? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Deadly camping light with 240v USB outlet. | Best garden tools for you.

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Deadly camping light with 240v USB outlet.
Deadly camping light with 240v USB outlet.

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This is a rather exciting camping and hiking light with some unusual features. Mainly the mains voltage referenced USB charging port and the equally mains referenced chrome ring round the flashlight button. This is definitely one for my electrical deathtrap collection.

If you have one of these then I would strongly recommend you either dispose of it or take extreme care when charging it from wall power as it does pose a high shock risk.

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  2. I like the way you get the shit batteries thrown in with it , a well rounded product. Incidentally aren't USB ports specified to be current limited. Oh look there goes another fire engine.

  3. It would be educational and interesting if you redid the schematic to show how to make the circuit safe/r.

  4. So when i charge my phone it gives shocks if i touch a metal part of body,is it because the charger is damaged?

  5. dodgy sure, but this looks more like an overlooked edge case, they probably assumed you wouldn't be in a place where you couldn't plug in more than one device on a main, or would prefer this lantern to charge your device over your phone wall charger. Sense this appears to be a camping gear styled light where a main connection wouldn't be found.

  6. I have the same one, and yeah, it seems dangerous if you connect it to the 220v .. even the port was kind of rusted when it was brand new

  7. The question of the day is Clive can this camping light be "repaired " …
    so it does not kill someone?? and still do the things it said it could do?

  8. oh, cool, my parents bought this thing like 2 years ago and I still have it (we were all aware of that stupid cable)

  9. I found something almost identical to this on amazon except.. no mention of the main charging. The seem to have dropped the mains charging in favour of charging over USB. And a good job too!

    The shape is rather cool. I could see some crafters using this to make a steampunk gadget or warhammer model.

  10. Why can't my Electromagnetics professor sound like you. I cannot stop watchin your content!

  11. I don't get all of your jokes, but today I finally saw the source of the occasionally mentioned "Gay Dalek". Very satisfying.

  12. My grandmother bought me and my two brothers some and I feel like it would've been very helpful in a few situations, but they got recalled for being dangerous

  13. Bruh the exterminate remark had me laughing so hard I pissed off my upstairs neighbors at 3am

  14. So would the fix to prevent this from being fatal Is to put a diode on the other side of the AC connection leaving the bridge rectifier?

  15. Surprisingly, these are still on sale on our favourite auction site, some 4 years after this video was recorded. Absolutely scandalous and terrifying. Is there anything that can be done to get them taken down?

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