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Deal or Dud Auto Enginuity | The Best Power Tools

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Deal or Dud Auto Enginuity | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Deal or Dud Auto Enginuity

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I purchased an Auto Enginuity in an attempt to set the timing on my 1999 3500 HD Chevy diesel. Thinking it was done, but it wasn’t I tried but could quite get it done. If anyone has any comments on the scanner, I would appreciate it. The scanner does provide a ton on data on the vehicle, but the setting of the timing isn’t one of the functions it can do. Or at least I couldn’t figure it out. After I complete the timing with my new Tech II I’ll put this scanner back on and show the reading of the truck on it. Thanks for watching.


Welcome to my Youtube site, here we’ll have hunting, sailing, home repair and things that don’t quite fit my other two channels, which are “Smokehouse BBQ” cooking channel and “Tafe Farmer” which has every thing to do with my tractor and things it does. Thanks for visiting and enjoy my content. ..

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  1. Looks like there is a couple of problems with this tool. The latest version isn’t a wireless VCI? Does not seem to be designed for a touchscreen.

    Always wanted to purchase AutoEnginuity Proline Bundle, but there are issues that tell me it’s not a modern scan tool. I have a Snap-on Solus and being a corded scan tool, I hate it. Worst scan tool ever. I despise non-wireless scan tools.

    The TopDon ArtiPad is an amazing piece of hardware and uses the Launch software. They also have a mini clone for 600 and change that is better than anything Snap-on sells.

    I have the Launch Diagun iv and will soon upgrade to the TopDon tool. The Launch version hardware and battery is shitty. Great software though and does a lot for the money.

    Don’t think I would even want AutoEnginuity with it’s old Windows XP style interface, and no Wireless? That’s a big fail in 2020 😳

    The TopDon ArtiPad hardware is super nice! A little pricey but there may be some deals out there from authorized sellers. If you could get one around $1800 or less brand new, I think it’s a winner. Super nice large screen, built in ethernet, replaceable battery not glued together! This thing beats the 12.9 iPad pro and it’s a scan tool.

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