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Deep Cycle Battle Born Lithium Battery vs Lead Acid Battery Trojan AGM | Review best products

Are you searching for the subject Deep Cycle Battle Born Lithium Battery vs Lead Acid Battery Trojan AGM? Are you looking to see trojan 27 agm? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Deep Cycle Battle Born Lithium Battery vs Lead Acid Battery Trojan AGM | Top best products for household.

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Deep Cycle Battle Born Lithium Battery vs Lead Acid Battery Trojan AGM
Deep Cycle Battle Born Lithium Battery vs Lead Acid Battery Trojan AGM

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This video discusses the differences and benefits of a Lithium Iron Phosphate 12V 100ah battery by Battle Born to two 6 volt deep cycle batteries in series to create 12v. Specifically the Battle Born DL10012 BB10012 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 is compared to a Trojan 6 volt 210 ah AGM. Depth of discharge and cycle rates between the two batteries is discussed so you can decide if Lithium is in your budget. 31 lbs vs 65 lbs
Do I have to buy a special charger for Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries?

You do not need a special charger to charge your Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) deep cycle battery.  The BB battery prefers to bulk charge at 14.4 volts and float at 13.6 volts. Do not equalize the BB battery. Most standard chargers can handle these settings at the AGM mode . More and more chargers are offered with lithium specific settings and they will charge the BB faster than a regular charger in most cases.

Charger Compatibility List for BB LFP Batteries

Will your current device will work to charge the BB batteries?  Whether it be a solar charge controller or a marine grade converter, BB does their very best to test every charger they can.  By doing so, a list has been created  of chargers
that BB knows to work great with their batteries. If your charger isn’t on this list please give them a call and they will get the answer.
More info on switching to Battle Born Lithium deep cycle battery.
.. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

Thank you very much

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  1. They make charge controllers specifically for lithium batteries if your using solar. Don’t ever DOD on any battery. 60% for lithium 40% for lead acid.

  2. I want to see that video on YouTube that shows you can go only upto 600-650 cycles of 80% dod with lead acid. Also, how many cycles will lithium ferrous phosphate battery do with same dod? I always keep hearing they will run much longer, never seen any actual data.

  3. Lithium is still WAY over priced. Not to mention using them in parallel/series configurations seems to be very questionable at best. BB says they can be used that way but others say they can't. Until the tech is affordable and the finicky nature of their configurability and charge parameters is sorted out its AGM for me. Spending $10 per amp hour is just not economical until there is more water under the lithium bridge.

  4. At what temperature does that battle born refuse to charge ? 45 degrees ? 40 degrees, 35 degrees ? I have never heard the answer to this, Can you test it and let us know ?

  5. If you are the kind of person who forgets to disconnect the load on their batter for 350 times, I don't think you would even be able to find a campsite much less drive an RV.

  6. This video could have been much shorter just by saying, “lithium is better in every way.”

  7. Deception on purpose or accident? It takes 2 of the 6v Reliant to match the BattleBorn. 5 times the price? Do the math.

  8. Did you mention the giant weight difference? The Battle Born weighs less than Half of the AGM. Important for RV,s or van conversions.

  9. By using our LFP Golf Cart conversion kit your cart will:
    -Weight Less
    -Have More Power
    -Require ZERO Maintenance
    -Extend Your Range
    -Last 5x Longer than Lead Acid Batteries
    If your cart has electronics that require a 12V power source such as running lights or radio, you may also require a 36V to 12V step-down DC converter.
    Take a look at

  10. Have you guys checked out this battery from BigBattery? http://BigBattery.Com/Golf I ask because I just converted my 36v Lead-Acid golf cart to Lithium and now my cart has like 5x more range and speed! Also shaved a good 300lbs off my cart! Took me less than 30 minutes to install everything, so I think I spent more time removing the old lead-acid batteries than I did installing the new lithium battery.

  11. If you need the lowest cost upfront (vs over time) , your lead acid will get you that. If you can oversize your battery system and minimize your need to draw them down, LA can be cost-effective in the long run too! If space and weight don't matter, then LA is in the running. BUT if you need the most power over time per dollar, per pound, per cubic inch, the Lifepo4 is now very well proven in the field. The only big question is that they still don't know how long the Lifepo4 will take to age out, they just don't seem to lose any life in storage. 10 years to keep 80 % utility is the current safe bet, but if you are willing to rate their lifetime to 70% capacity then you could add …another 5 years to their lifespan?

    The one other thing that nobody understands who is entrenched with Lead Acid and has only armchair experience with LiFepo4 is how much difference and freedom the low internal resistance and easy charging profile offers you. Night and day from the finicky lead acid chemistry. But you will need real world experience to get that. This is why you see the battery world polarized into two camps:: In one,- the experts who deal with batteries everyday and see what their customers and installations are doing. Also in that camp are almost everyone who has installed the lithium ones, including many who have long experience with lead acid.

    In the other camp, are individual users who only have real user experience with lead acid. None with lithium. They are certain that what they conclude based on reading and research tells them all they need to know.

  12. 100 amps is all available? Sorry, it's not. Even Lithium is safely discharged down to 80% otherwise you start to wear it out.

  13. The Voltage charts are for at rest or with loads? I've been using a really cheap $100 Excide 115AH deep cycle battery as my starter and house battery for about a year and half. I've taken it down to 11.5v about 50 nights. I am wondering how long it will last. One number that confuses me is Reserve capacity. If my battery is rated 115AH, I presume that means i have about 700WH of usable but have never been able to achieve that. Also If they claim it has a 205 minute reserve capacity @25amp, what does that REALLY mean.. not really (205*12*25)/60 = 1025WH of usable right?? How is it possible that a 12 fridge that is consuming about 40watts took my battery from 12.6v to 12.1v from 9pm to 6am?

  14. I'm curious about something. I'm ready to replace my two group 24 flooded batteries in my RV. My battery compartment can fit two 6 volt AGM batteries wired in series – each battery @220 ah. If I wanted to go with lithium, I'd only have room for one 12 volt battery @100ah. Will the one lithium battery service my RV and what are the pros and cons of two 6v AGM vs one 12v lithium?

  15. I wish MORONS at Airstream would quit whining and moaning every time I bring my interstate in that i have " altered the factory batteries" so they can rip me off. Furthermore they should offer a lithium retrofit package

  16. Gel, AGM, FLA, LIPO all have their place. Mine is AGM for my diesel truck, Large 6V Trojan's for my RV (with a sealed watering system, no acid to deal with, no checking level!). MY friend love their 6V Gel for their RV. (no mainentance, and long discharge and more cycles than AGM. LIPO is not proven for cycles, capacity and cost effectiveness yet!

  17. when you quote the weights in the notes the six volt is 65 lbs so to get the 12 volts that will be 130 lbs big difference against the 31lbs of lithium

  18. Question for you. I currently run T-105's in an off grid cabin, solar application. I have sixteen T-105's in an 8S/2P configuration to my 48 volt, 3600 watt hybrid inverter. I have 12 solar panels for 3.2 kw to charge my bank and a generator for catch up after multiple rainy days. I would entertain the possibility of replacing my bank with eight of the Battle Borns in a 4S/2P configuration….but…I have heard the BB's don't play well in series for my 48v system. Your thoughts on series configs for the BB?

  19. One thing you overlooked is that with LiFePO4 cells, the cycle life of the cells doesn’t mean they can’t be used anymore. At the end of their cycle life, they still have 80% capacity left. So after 2,000-3,000 cycles you still have 80ah of capacity left.

  20. You forgot to mention that others like 'Reliant' could 'give a fuck less' if your battery has a major fault
    *'Battle-Born' will replace ANY BATTERY FOR ANY REASON if it fails during it's warranty period, and if called at their
    'hot-line' you will be talking to an expert there at the new plant in Sparks..not a 'non-English-speaking 'Mukurgee' in fucking
    INDIA!* *Every single battery 'BB' makes undergoes quality-control before it leaves the plant, and every battery has a
    specific serial # for that battery alone*
    *B-B batteries will NOT ALLOW a system to 'harm it' from severe depletion or 'over-charge' in any way because it has it's own
    'chip' inside to protect it that 'knows what is going on' inside and out*
    ( *In fact a 'BB LiPo' is not even a 'battery' in a conventional sense…rather it's an 'electricity storage machine' with no visible
    moving parts that has been made to work with any 12v. system…the 'BB' is more a generator than a 'battery'* )

  21. Many people cannot afford the initial cost of lithium batteries. I am currently trying to do a real-world cost comparison for our class C motorhome. We (try) to take a long trip every summer (up to 2 weeks), then we (try) to boondock 6 – 8 three-day trips over a 6 month summer.
    Based on 90% discharge of lithium, and 50% discharge of AGM lead acid:

    A single 100AH Battle Born lithium costs $949. According to my research, that gives me a solid realistic 90AH usage.
    Two 210AH 6V GC2 Deep Cycle AGM batteries can be bought for $210 each = $420, which gives a solid realistic 210AH usage.
    Battle Born battery: Cost over 10 years = $949 / 90AH = $10.54 per AH.
    AGM batteries: Cost over 10 years = Replace every 4 years = $420 x 2.25 = $945. $945 / 210AH = $4.50 per AH.

    For my usage, I would be paying roughly the same for both over 10 years, but the AGM is only $420 initial cost (vs $949)
    Also, the AGM gives me more than twice the amp hours.
    Both battery types are maintenance free, and can be used laying on their side if needed.
    The Battle Born weighs 29 pounds, while both AGM batteries weigh 136 pounds = 107 pound weight penalty for AGM.

    Am I missing something?
    Research shows the Battle Born batteries are a superior lithium battery option. But at this point in time, like most lithium batteries, they are FAR too expensive to offset the disadvantages of an AGM lead acid battery. Maybe as the chemistry and manufacturing method matures, the price will drop. Competition has an affect on price also. Right now, I cannot justify the difference – when/if the price reaches the vicinity of $6 – $7 per AH, they might be attractive.

  22. New information to me. I have always heard just one 100% DoD will RUIN a lead acid battery, let alone 350 times. You are never suppose to discharge a lead acid battery, deep cycle battery, or AGM battery less than 50% DoD.

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