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DeWalt 18 Volt Drill Review – DC970 | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject DeWalt 18 Volt Drill Review – DC970? Are you looking to see dewalt dcd771c2 manual? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

DeWalt 18 Volt Drill Review – DC970 | List of the Best Power Tools.

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DeWalt 18 Volt Drill Review – DC970

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This is a review of the DeWalt DC970 18 volt cordless drill.

Drill reviewed (I paid for the drill myself) –


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dewalt dcd771c2 manual

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  1. I just received a couple Elefly Ni-CD 18V 3.5 Ah 63Wh from Amazon last week. They were $51.99 Canadian. I did the research into the Ni-mh and Lithium replacements. the Ni-hm were considered a step up from Ni-CD but they also were heavier, self discharged quicker, were more susceptible to hot & cold and couldn't be recharged as many times as Ni-Cd which is up to 1000 times. I've used my 12 year old DC970 for literally everything from carpentry to mechanic work and everything in-between but it can sit in the garage for days, weeks or months sometimes without use so I wasn't a fan of batteries which self discharged quicker. The Lithium were priced in the $50's each and I would have to buy a new charger as well so at that point I may as well buy a new 20V drill, batteries and all as a package on sale somewhere. The Ni-hm were $4 cheaper per pair then Ni-CD but when I thought it over I remembered that when I first got the DC970 it would near break my wrist with the 1600mAh batteries included and I was happy with it's performance and lasting power at the time. a friend actually burnt out his new 20v dewalt using a 6" hole saw drilling through a wall which had 2 studs behind it from an old door frame which had been filled in. I grabbed my old DC970 and drilled the hole fine. lol The Elefly replacements were 3.5 Ah more than double my old batteries so I figured for $52 if the batteries are any good at all I should be happy. I decided to clean my DC970 up when I noticed some blown in insulation from the attic in the vent holes. I took it apart noticed a few wire strands from a wire wheel I had been using in the motor. The exterior of the motor and inside of case was dirty as was the exterior of the transmission. Before I knew it I had taken the transmission apart… on a Sunday so I didn't have access to the proper grease. It was over a week before I put it back together! lol Today actually and it works great! I'll get a new better Dewalt one day soon but I'll have this one as well, Good as New, for the price of two batteries.

  2. I have a brand new dewalt DC970
    haven't used it yet needs the battery and changer I got for use of screwing small jobs. .basically
    so my question is for a battery that doesn't last long would you say me using it for small jobs it's still worth it. ?? WHAT IS THE MODEL NUMBER OF THE CHARGER YOU SHOWED AND BATTERY NO. FOR MY
    DEWALT DC 970 DRILL on Amazon so many to choose but I want to make sure I buy the correct one's. ..

  3. I have two other ni-cd dewalts one is a xrp model dw990k2 and a dw991 both 14.4v they work fine for me for home use i had them both for years and for the price of that 18v dewalt i fix up my two dewalt drills and they work like new now i use mine for my house tho

  4. For $100 dalllars you could have bought a ryobi drill with 2 lithium batteries at Home Depot, sure it's a dewalt drill but it a cheap dewalt with outdated technology any newer ryobi drill set is almost as cost comparable but more updated than that old dewalt.

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