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Dewalt Battery Charging Fix | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

Are you searching for the subject Dewalt Battery Charging Fix? Are you looking to see how long does a drill battery take to charge? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Dewalt Battery Charging Fix | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Dewalt Battery Charging Fix
Dewalt Battery Charging Fix

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Dead Dewat battery that won’t charge fix!.

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how long does a drill battery take to charge


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  1. Worked for me too! Didn’t have another battery just like my dead one, but was able to use an 18v battery from one of my drills. That did the trick! Thanks for the video!👍

  2. Just found 20v dewalt impact and battery in a river…..flew off someone's work truck going around a sharp turn…..LOL……i'm guessing my battery is Not going to work… LOL….I don't have the charger….pretty sure the drill WILL work, but the battery is probably toast.

  3. Hey man this worked great I used a 20v battery to make my 12v battery charge up again thanks for the info

  4. Thank you. It worked for me when i found an old battery that hadnt been charged in months. Jumped it and now its like new

  5. This worked for a 18V Bosch battery 2.0Ah You saved me a 100 bucks, thank you man! Greetings from Peru

  6. Dude!!! April 2021 Just tried your McGyver trick. Worked like a charm! YAY!!! Thanks so much!!

  7. Holy Shit!

    I was so certain this was a prank video and it was just going to fry my working battery.

    Took 5 seconds and my damn battery is now recognizing and charging. We'll see how well it works once it's ready.

    Thanks! You saved me a trip to lowes.

  8. Worked like a charm, Thx.
    By the way, those 18v nimh to 20v lithium adapters have a parasitic voltage draw and will drain your expense lithium ion batteries & ruin them.

  9. richcan22 Thank you so much for this video!!! Luckily I decided to investigate a bit and found your awesome video. I now have a working Bosch battery pack. Blessings to you from South Africa!!

  10. Wow! It works! My almost new 5 amp battery was completely dead and wouldn’t charge. That simple trick fixed it in seconds. Thanks for the tip!

  11. I suspect that the charger looks for a minimum voltage and if it doesn't see it, it assumes the pack is bad as over discharging the cells can damage lithium batteries. The battery may not hold a charge as well as before if it actually did completely discharge, but it should still work. I understand why they do it because if it only operates at say 50% efficiency after being over discharged, most people would be cursing dewalt for having batteries that don't last without realizing their pack was damaged. The reality is that the pack is probably fine if you just got it slightly below the cutoff threshold and not actually fully discharged.

  12. I tried this and all I did was let the smoke out of my jumper wires. Am I doing something wrong? Definitely jumping pos-pos and neg-neg. double checked twice.

  13. Awesome just tried this on a battery that wasn't showing any light at all and now it works thanks very much.👍🏼

  14. amazing, it worked, left the batteries at a job we were at and found them 3 years later.

  15. This does work I used paperclips and accidentally touched em together while trying to make the final connection positive to positive, I put on charger and got a solid red I unplugged charger and battery tried again then got the slow steady charging light. Insulated wire will work better lol

  16. Just tried this on a 4.0ah 18volt XR battery. Totally dead before no green lights and no light on charger. Now it's charging nicely, thanks so much. ***

  17. Thank you sir thankful, you just saved me the battery pack and the charger, cuz I would nit know which one is bad, god bless you and YouTube

  18. Thanks man! I've been having issues with an older Dewalt flexvolt battery for months that was only charging up to 1 bar then stopped. I cleaned the connectors to see if that would fix it, but it did the same. This trick worked. I did a 4 second jump and it was able to take a full charge.

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