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Dewalt DCD708 Review – DCD708 vs DCD777 | Most-Buyed Power Tools

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Dewalt DCD708 Review – DCD708 vs DCD777 | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Dewalt DCD708 Review - DCD708 vs DCD777
Dewalt DCD708 Review – DCD708 vs DCD777

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Review of the DeWalt DCD708C2 20 volt brushless cordless drill and comparison to the DeWalt DCD777C2 brushless cordless drill.

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  1. So the DCD703 is the slightly cheaper cost wise, as well as smaller if that's what you need. With the DCD777 it's slightly better in terms of battery, torque, and power but less in speed by like .3 seconds overall. I'll go with the DCD777! only $120 at lowes, and works with the 1.5 Ah battery I have now for my Dewalt impact DCF885. Thanks for your well made video! Loved seeing it taken apart

  2. Спасибо!
    Привет из России!
    Good job !!!
    Тhank you , very interesting and informative!
    Please test the drill and impact gercules .

  3. My brand new 708 clutch started clicking while chucking it up in my hand like it was set on #3 instead of the drill bit setting. 👿 It’s done it twice now. Then led is easily blocked out while using, never had that problem with it up under the clutch.

  4. Very well done. Would have liked for you to touch on the differences and performance (if any) of the clutch mechanism. Thank you!

  5. Today all markets sale 777 with two 1.3Ah battaries, so I think 708 is the best chois now.

  6. Compare hole amounts with 2 different battery isn't the best choice for comparison. Aside from this its a very good in depth review.
    That paint issue is really an issue. I really wont expect this from DeWalt.

  7. Real world experience….its too light for roof decking. Felt like my arm was pushing all day. 18V still works and just the weight of the tool helps drive screws in faster. Little heavier but nothing to cry about.

  8. One thing that is rarely reviewed is how well the chuck holds. Since cordless drills went to keyless checks, they often do not hold that great.Also, what is the minimum size for the chuck. To get more grip surface they often sacrifice the smallest bit sizes.

  9. Useful review. I just used a borrowed 777 to put a couple of 1/2” holes in horse fencing to hang a gate. Did a great job. The grip was quite comfortable. Guess I will have to check out 708 at HD to compare.

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