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Diablo 16-Piece ELECTRICIAN'S HOLESAW KIT | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

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Diablo 16-Piece ELECTRICIAN'S HOLESAW KIT | The Best Power Tools.

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Today we talk about the Diablo 16-Piece Electrician’s Holesaw kit, and how it differs from most other hole-saw brands out there. This kit is primarily for drilling out holes for conduit fittings, so the sizes are limited to what electricians use for terminating into enclosures.



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What I really like about this kit is that it doesn’t have a bunch of random sizes that you won’t use. It’s got everything an electrician needs for doing conduit work. Now I’ll admit, I still keep a large selection of other sizes from other brands around because I’ve found certain bits for certain applications that I use over and over. But I’d rather pick these out myself than have a kit with a bunch of useless sizes included in it.

Diablo’s arbors are a little different as well. They use a snap-lock mechanism to adhere the bits into the arbor, which are proprietary for their bits and arbors. However they do include adaptors in the kit for using other brands’ bits. You can’t use another brand’s arbor with the Diablo bits, however, which I do see as a downside to the design…but as long as you keep up with your arbors you shouldn’t need to use any others.

This isn’t a carbide kit but I find that it does an outstanding job of tackling both wood and metal projects. If you’re working with extremely hard or thick metal you should definitely upgrade to a carbide holesaw kit or you’ll find yourself burning through teeth often.

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  1. I purchased a Diablo kit. First the drill bit was bent right out of the box. After very little use now the arbor will not hold the drill bit in. Kind of make this useless.

  2. ok great but whos going to start making plaster kits for rewires… smh I cringe when I see people with a hammer out on plaster…

  3. If your employer doesn't provide things like hole saws, sawzall blades, drill bits, unibits, and other wearable bits you probably work for a shit company.

  4. I love your videos and content, just please clean up the language, I watch this around my children and I don't need them speaking that way. Professional vocabulary if you can please. Not so much in this vid but it gets out of hand sometimes. Thank you much. Keep up the awesome channel!!!!

  5. Hey Dustin I love the channel I have a idea for a video I am a electrician also could you do a video explaining box fill ?

  6. I recently started my apprenticeship, and the guy I work under works with the power on most of the time. Do you always turn off the power when you work on something? I understand sometimes in a commercial environment when you're doing service its not very practical to turn off the breaker. But I've been shocked a couple of times (I've been more careful since then) and that's not very fun, or safe. Is it something you just have to get used to? Or would you suggest always turning the power off?

  7. WHY DONT YOU INTERACT WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS? They dont deserve it? Not worth your time? They’re they reason you have your youtube channels!! Just sayin.

  8. I have a Bosch set that uses the same mandrel, and you overlooked one of the key features of this type of set: you can quickly remove the hole saw from the mandrel and insert the pilot bit at an angle to elect the material from the saw.

    I see you have the Milwaukee fish stick set in the background. I just picked this up to replace my (beginning to splinter) set. I find the 5 foot length easier to use in a drop ceiling than the more common (in other brands) 6 foot length. Unfortunately they have one trait in common with almost all other brand sticks: there's no way (other than tape) to attach cables to the back end of the sticks. The set I'm replacing is from Bergstrom Manufacturing (www.bergstromfg.com) is also 5 feet long, and has a "no tape" tool attached to the back end of one of the sticks (one in each flexibility). This really wouldn't be useful with Romex, but for low voltage cables it's much simpler and faster than tape. Would you consider doing a video about fish sticks?

  9. This was an awesome review, thank you very much for showing and explaining this. Any time i get a notification im watching asap!

  10. Loved this design, until I used it. The snap in place Rainer catches on the box, and the hole saw ejects and falls into whatever you’re drilling through. Two of the ones given to us by the vendor essentially exploded. Springs came out and everything. I wanted to love it.

  11. "one of these things is not like the other." "Half a loaf."
    "Six of one. A dozen of another."

    I laughed when you were on about that.

  12. Had a smaller set of the exact same thing…. I hated it! The arbor lasted one whole day before it started acting up (The hole saws would not lock into the arbor) Killed the 1 1/4” bit after drilling four holes through 1 1/2” PT on a boat dock.. And no one ever carried the replacement pilot bits……. Went back to Milwaukee hole saws after that, they have there faults as well. But nothing like that Diablo set.

  13. Been using those Diablo hole saws for a few years. Everytime I've bought a single "odd" sized hole saw, it comes with an additional mandrel and more of those adapters. Pretty soon you end up with enough adapters that you can permanently put on other brand hole saws with a bit of loctite.

    I also keep a set of Spyder carbide ones for drilling into Hardie, etc. Those also have their own style mandrel.

  14. Looks like a badass kit ill have to pick up a carbide set cause my milwaukees keep seizing up on the arbor

  15. I bought some Diablo hole saws, the larger ones work great, but the ones with a diameter smaller than the release absolutely suck. As soon as you punch through whatever you are drilling, the saw ejects and goes flying.

  16. Love a good hole saw set! Here in the UK we don’t have these but we have Armeg ones which are very good quality. Also Starrett are good as well.

  17. Like the new Forstner bits Diablo demoed are Saftda, can wait to try those out; along w/ the other new blades

  18. I'm just starting out in the "Real World" of electrical work. I went to a pretty good trade school and your videos have defiantly made my transition easier. Thank you for being you and sharing your knowledge with us!

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