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Differences Between Riding Mowers,Lawn Tractors,Yard Tractors, and Garden Tractors. | Newly updated handsets

Are you searching for the subject Differences Between Riding Mowers,Lawn Tractors,Yard Tractors, and Garden Tractors.? Are you looking to see best lawn tractor under 2000? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Differences Between Riding Mowers,Lawn Tractors,Yard Tractors, and Garden Tractors. | Best hand tools.

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Differences Between Riding Mowers,Lawn Tractors,Yard Tractors, and Garden Tractors.
Differences Between Riding Mowers,Lawn Tractors,Yard Tractors, and Garden Tractors.

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Information related to the topic Differences Between Riding Mowers,Lawn Tractors,Yard Tractors, and Garden Tractors..

Erik explains the difference between the many styles of Riding mowers, lawn tractors, and garden tractors, and goes into great detail on what each type of mower can do for you. From mowing grass to plowing snow, tilling gardens, and re-grading driveways. Each class of tractor can handle a variety of tasks. Just make sure you get enough tractor for your property.

With the help of this video you will know exactly what you need! ..

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  1. What a great video,
    I have been watching lawn mower/tractor videos to educate myself before purchase and the information provided could not have been presented any better. Just an excellent video!

  2. I have the craftsman T240 22 horsepower KT725 V Twin Kohler Engine 12 gauge steel deck hydrostatic tuff Torq transmission Cruise control 3 gallon fuel Tank 3 year unlimited hours Warranty Weight is 600 pounds love this Tractor…the Kohler KT725 22 horsepower V Twin is the same Engine as the Kohler Command Pro I'll get a lot of year's out of it

  3. Great video explaining some of the differences…. the shame is most "yard and garden" tractors built these days are nowhere as capable as those built 30 years ago. I love the older machines!

  4. i got a 2016 John Deere X350 18hp Kawasaki FS600v v twin 48A mower deck it has a Tuff Torq K46 as i wanted to swap this transaxle out to an older Hydro Gear unit off a 1990s Simplicity Broadmoor. the reliability of them. the machine is strictly used for mowing. as other brands Simplicity, snapper, Husqvarna, Mtd brands, craftsman all use the K46 in their consumer lawn tractors. a rear engine rider some have trailer hitches mainly the 1980s-1990s Ariens RM series the rm830e rm 1030e can tow small dump carts, lawn sweepers, as that and the Snapper rear engine riding mowers all have this friction wheel drive the common problems is the friction wheel wears out and the machine won't move in reverse or the lower ranges. the other rear engine riders have gear transmissions. the residential lawn tractors can be either gear a spicer or peerless transmission, or a Hydro gear or the common Tuff Torq k46. its what u choose

  5. I would like to ask about the hydrostatic transmissions. About 7 years in – it is sliding all around – so my question is: If I bothered to change trans oil – does it really extend the life? Admittedly it is hills and hard-driven. Lower to middle end riding mower.

  6. Enjoyed your video, very informative. Thought about buying a snowblower attachment for my yard tractor. 24 horsepower. Not a garden tractor. Good idea or bad idea?

  7. I have a Scott's 25 hp 48 in deck. Made by Jodn Deer. No pto no locking diff. The mower deck rusted out but the motor and hydraulics work fine. I'm thinking it would make a good garden tractor, cultivator, tiller, maybe a plow attachments for it? What would be your opinion? I live on 16 acres, around 1/2 acre+ garden.

  8. what's the difference? $$$. :O
    I don't have to spend $25k (of debt) to get a Kubota?! sacrilege :)
    the GT vs "riding mower" vs Compact Tractor ($$$) debate continues!

  9. Your bucket is 2wice as big as my nabors bucket on his kabota and it sounds like it works well for you granpa has a john deer yard tractor we bought in 86 and still going hard he used it as his wheel chair for all 90 on the farm had a small diesel and 3pt hitch but it was lown tractor sead he paid lots of money when he bought it and lot of people tried to buy it

  10. You can and should fill tires with wisheald wash fluid. Great for mowing i find the ones that are little biger with atachments are always let down even with tons of weight somthing like this is about the most ill go trying to work minis i know a few who bough those small kabotas what a let down minis are well bilt but their to small for loaders and backhoes if you want a garden tractor get a bcs and if you want the mini back hoe and bucket think of what your realy even going to use it for first becaus they are to light to dig and the bucket is to small to carry stuff like this man sead buy a garden tractor like this dont buy a 20,000 kabota or massy fergison it will always let u down if you need a tractor for mobing dirt need atleast 35hp just for size and weight

  11. Thanks Eric! We’re moving to a new QTH on a relatively flat one acre lot. This was really informative! 73 de K2CJB

  12. AYP American yard products and MTD makes almost all of the current and newer riding lawn mowers , with the exception of John Deere and cub cadet , not 100% but that is for the most part true ! The turf saver tires are excellent when used on most lawns just don't get on a steep hill that has wet grass on it , I have personally used turf saver tires on steep angled lawns and roadside slopes and had excellent grip with them as long as the grass was dry and you mow slower an not get fast with them ! Also the older model 1998 year Craftsman LT 1000 and earlier year models were built like a tank and cut very smooth and clean with a five speed transaxle and low profile hood to ground height they drove nicely and we're very easy to work on ! Husqvarna is Electrolux yep the vacuum cleaner company and it says Electrolux on it when you raise the hood an look , the 24 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine that had the large crankshaft that Husqvarna used on one particular model had issues and the deck was a 54 inch I believe , odd ball crankshaft size $900 to replace engine and it felt fishy on hills ! One of the best lawn mowers I have ever owned was a older model like a 1998 craftsman 42 inch deck with a flathead L head 19 horsepower opposed twin engine and then the John Deere LA 105 with a five speed Spicer transaxle and a 19.5 Briggs and Stratton intek single cylinder ohv engine and a 42 inch deck, great little mower

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