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DIY: Portable Car Woofer Bluetooth Boombox Speaker | Latest information about hand tools

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DIY: Portable Car Woofer Bluetooth Boombox Speaker | List of best hand tools for you.

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DIY: Portable Car Woofer Bluetooth Boombox Speaker

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Homemade Portable Bluetooth boombox, subwoofer car design:
Battery 8A:
Passive radiator:
6S meter:
Power jack:
Rubber feet:
4ohm Speakers:

“Wire holder”:

-Width 50cm, height 24cm, 18/24 depth cm
-Carpet applied with contact glue
-Subwoofer car style design
-Charging at 25 volts
-Schematic at 12:39

Copyright free music list:
More Plastic – Champion [NCS Release] Star Party – Legends[NCS Release] RetroVision – Hope [NCS Release] Raven & Crane – Bubble [NCS Release] Elektronomia – Heaven [NCS Release]

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(-LiitoKala 24V 6s 4A 6A 8A 10A 18650 battery pack 25.2V 12Ah Li-ion battery battery Charger
-AIYIMA Bluetooth Amplifier Board TPA3116 Amplifiers 2*50W Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver Support AUX Serial Command Change Name Password
– 60W 2 Way Audio Speaker Frequency Divider Treble Bass Crossover Filter For Bookshelf Audio Speakers DIY ब्लूटूथ स्पीकर कैसे बनाये
-Dayton Audio DC160-4 6-1/2″ Classic Woofer Speaker
How to carpeting Subwoofer box, apply carpet, car audio, big excursion passive radiators )

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  1. Check video description for parts list, music names and additional infos.

    Thank you for watching :)

  2. I’ve made similar designs to this but I use tweets on back and front for 360 audio and I also place a rubber membrane inside to lower the bass frequency

  3. Hello!
    I cant find the same speakers on the amazon or aliexpress. May you help me to find other in same specification?

  4. it would be nice to have some kind of "instructions" i mean, at least what he is doing in every part and why :) for us not in the field, i really dont understand alot of materials, glues? and those non-speakers on the side he puts in every project
    awesome work btw

  5. Wow I want one but I don’t have the supplies or the money for the supplies but it looks really good

  6. Nice job…based on what I can hear through my (Very expensive and accurate) headphones/DAC I think it can benefit from adding more weight to the passive radiators. They seem to be tuned too high. Just run a frequency sweep on the box and when you see the woofers flatten out and the radiators doing work, you know you've found their FS. Sometimes not much is needed…a few layers of duct tape on the inside is enough to do the job. Personally I would have preferred a port over radiators. (I only use radiators when space is critically small, that's where they shine.) The issue I constantly see is people not tuning their radiators. It's just like a port, it has a resonant frequency and need to be tuned to the woofer and box volume!

  7. It may be the video audio but the bass sounds like its struggling and those woofers are working hard. Good video.

  8. Nice i like it alot, good quality woofer, although that passive radiator flexes a bit to much maybe glue some weights to the passive radiator to tune it

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