DIY Rebar Chairs Manufacturing at the Construction Site #spacerchair #rebarbolsters | Cheapest cleaning accessories

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DIY Rebar Chairs Manufacturing at the Construction Site #spacerchair #rebarbolsters | Cheapest cleaning accessories.

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DIY Rebar Chairs Manufacturing at the Construction Site #spacerchair #rebarbolsters

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Hi and welcome to Atecon, In this video we want to give you an example of how inefficient the process of making concrete spacers at the build site really is and also to back up our data found in the cost comparison in our website, explaining the high cost of these improvised rebar supports.

As a first step we prepare the mortar mixture for the spacers which is made on one part cement and 2 parts of sand.

In the second step the 3 inch thick PVC tube is cut to the cover the height required, as you can see the cuts are never perfectly flat, leaving an inconsistent cover height from these kind of spacers, as the tube gets shorter keeping it in position by a single worker becomes impossible, so a second person has to help keep the tube from moving around during cutting procedures.

In the third step the cutting of the Steel wires is made with an industrial cutter and the bending of the wires is completed by hand.

The fourth step is pouring the mortar mixture into the PVC molds and adding the Steel wire to them, as you can see this is a very slow process.

Demoulding is our sixth step, it is achieved by cutting the PVC mold in a longitudinal fashion so you can extract the spacer from it, keep in mind that the PVC capsule once its cut is no longer usable.

After that we compare the time needed to install this kind of spacer vs. Our rebar chairs, as you can see its much faster to install our spacer due to their plastic clip than having to tie each spacer trough wire to the rebar grid.

Another type of common make shift spacer is the one made of all Steel of no more that 3/8 of an inch thick. The process is pretty straight forward the rebar is cut to the desired length to bend it afterwards to the shape needed to hold the rebar grid away from the terrain.

The process is slow and need two workers to bend a strong material like Steel into place.

This type of spacer is the most expensive of them all, due to the fact that if you need a cover height of 2 inches you will need as much as 30 inches of rebar to bend it into place. Therefore, only the cost of the steel that is being bent surpasses many times the cost of any prefabricated rebar chair.

If you wish to know more about this and other practical construction accesories, please visit us at ..

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