DIY Repair Driveway Expansion Joints | Cheapest cleaning accessories

Are you searching for the subject DIY Repair Driveway Expansion Joints? Are you looking to see backer rod and sealant? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

DIY Repair Driveway Expansion Joints | Cheapest cleaning accessories.

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DIY Repair Driveway Expansion Joints
DIY Repair Driveway Expansion Joints

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Wonder what looks best and holds up? Watch as I review 5 ways of filling concrete expansion joints and my personal favorite.

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  1. I know rite? I haven't been able to sleep for weeks because when I go to bed all I can think about is the ugly expansion joint in my driveway. It's so unsightly! I hope this helps me sleep.

  2. I just bought a house here in the city and I would like to know if anyone can repair and patch concrete surfaces on my driveway??

  3. I just bought a house here in the city and I would like to know if anyone can repair and patch concrete surfaces on my driveway?

  4. Thanks; now I'm not worried about my driveway and sidewalks shifting or cracking from rain washout. I pressure washed my driveway and sidewalks then all the felt like material the builder put in 7 years ago came out. Great video buddy.

  5. 1. Your backer rod was too small for the size of the joint, if your rod is too small it doesn't work to prevent three sided adhesion.
    2. You don't normally sand the top of an expansion joint, because they are supposed to be easily noticeable and you need to be able to see if they need repair. Only crack repairs get sand over the top to blend them.
    3. I didn't see you sand under the backer rod, or check if it needed any.

  6. does it still allow the concrete to expand and contract because here in the UK regular self levelling caulk dries hard and is quite brittle so it would just crack now i dont know if in america regular caulk is silicone caulk

  7. This was very helpful. My concrete driveway has a ton of grass growing up through the expansion joints every year.

  8. Question: why additionally use silicone, if already using self leveling caulk as final layer? What purpose does silicone serve here?
    Thank you!

  9. Thanks for the video. Just took care of my driveway's old rotted out expansion joints and they look phenomenal thanks to you!

  10. Use self leveling hs-1 deck-o-seal. Works great. Backerod to fill the depth so you have about .5" for depth or fill joint with sand and brush out so you have .5" depth. Apply hs-1 with sand on top and after about 1 hour use a leaf blower to remove excess sand. Been doing it on swimming pool decks for 20 years and works great.

  11. do you have to do the smaller lines as well? that big one is an expansion joint but do you have to do the little ones as well or is that for drainage?

  12. THANK YOU! My problem is solved. I found the 1/2" fiber board that matches other areas of my driveway but they used 3/4" regular wood between the drive and sidewalk—looks terrible. This will look great and allow me to run my low voltage landscape wire under it too. Thanks.

  13. Guys guys guys… dont use a silicone designed for windows, doors and siding for concrete. 🤦‍♂️ Please go to the nearest caulking distributor in your local town ( not home depot or lowes ). This is all backwards, the joint needs ground out. The caulking is only going to last as long as that tar is going to last because he caulked over the tar. The caulking he laid down has no adhesion to the concrete obviously if he left the tar in the joint. Use a ( high performance polyurethane OR a concrete specific silicone ). Dont use DAP for these applications. Search for BASF, DOW Corning and or Pecora products. Lastly; USE backer rod larger than the joint. If the joint is a half inch wide then use a 5/8s backer rod. Always go larger than the joint. Use a depth of 1/4 to half inch caulking depending on width of the joint.

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