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DIY RESCUE! Italian Marble Shower | top best products brands

Are you searching for the subject DIY RESCUE! Italian Marble Shower? Are you looking to see white marble shower tile? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

DIY RESCUE! Italian Marble Shower | Top best products for household.

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DIY RESCUE! Italian Marble Shower
DIY RESCUE! Italian Marble Shower

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This is a follow up to the video: He TRIED to TILE his own SHOWER!!!— WHY it would HAVE FAILED

We show how we took a project over from a homeowner who attempted to build his own marble shower. We floated over his existing waterproofing to create a flat/true surface to install the tile to. The results are amazing. This is one of my favorite bathrooms– the timeless look of Italian Cararra Marble.
The chrome Hansgrohe shower valve and plumbing fixtures were easy to get extension kits to work with the build out of the mortar.
The home owner was very happy and we will be back to do his other two bathrooms in a few weeks…so stay tuned!
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  1. The home owner should have done a better job of aligning the shower recesses from wall to wall. There does not seem to be any built in logic to their height nor their placement relative to one another or adjacent seams/joints and edges.

  2. Awesome that he was able to help them I’m in a similar situation right now I am installing white Calcutta marble shower today when I woke up 2 of the tiles or a couple shades darker but yesterday they were not like that I’m trying to look up information on why this is happening and will it happened to the rest of my shower if you could help me out I would appreciate it thank you

  3. I don't understand where he went wrong after putting up the Kerdi board because the board should have been straight (in theory). Did he put his thinset on uneven, too thick, too think from tile to tile??

  4. Is real marble a good choice for a shower, or is it better to find a porcelain tile or some other type of material? Glass or recycled glass tiles?

  5. always important to make sure your walls are flat and as close to plumb as possible. A small dip in the wall can be fixed with a skim of thinset, but a bow requires you to either pop your board off and fix the framing or do like this guy and float the whole wall. Great fix my man, I find DIYERs that run into this problem all the time

  6. Carrera is one of the only tiles that has always been on trend since i joined the trade in 99

  7. He didn't really run into some issues. He did what I often do, bite off more than one can chew :) We all make mistakes like this but at least I get more right than wrong and know when to throw in the towel and get a professional in. Chris made a wise move, knowing when to is key :)

  8. Why these DIYers think the are worth anything and think they are capable of doing any trade right away. Stupid

  9. It's really refreshing to see a "True professional" care about his work In such great depth and detail !!! It's very difficult to find a diamond in the rough these days! I'd pay double for your professionalism!

  10. I would really appreciate it if you would provide more information (or a Video!) on how you polish exposed tile edges in the field.

    Love your work!

  11. We have a Moen valve, and the mortar ended up being a lot thicker than expected.. We found Moen makes a 1" AND 2" extension. I dont remember which one I ended up getting, but it turned out perfect, and its a factory kit, so it all fit perfect. I just dont understand why they dont include it from the factory with the different lengths…. cost, I know, but would sure make installing easier!

  12. I did a shower recently with a 2" mable tiles on floor, its normal that when they used it floor changes color?

  13. Please help! We are tiling our shower. And using a small square grid pattern of gray and white marble mosaics cut to fit.
    Comes in 1sqft pieces.

    After my husband applied 511 impregnator sealer, some of the tiles turned green.
    How do I get this stain out? And why did it turn green? Thanks for the vids too! Beautiful Work!

  14. When you put up the wire for the mud, did you staple through the kerdi membrane? If so, wouldn't that be a potential leak point? How did you deal with that? Also, really like your videos, thanks.

  15. I saw another one of these shower reno videos where the guy made a curb out of 2 kerdis stacked. I knew that couldn't be right.

  16. What protuct u use to screed the walls? Shouldn't be waterproof before install the natural stone? Really nice job.

  17. Mr. Ostrom. Well done sir. Very appreciative of these very honest and informative videos. My question is how often these days given such elaborate shower enclosures is provision still being made if at all for access to plumbing from behind anymore…?

  18. When you put the chicken wire over the kerdi didnt you have to staple it?Doesnt that make the kerdi not water proof anymore?

  19. Something I’ve learned from watching sal’s videos is to always trowel your thinset in one direction. I noticed your installer didn’t do that, is that because you don’t believe it matters or did the installer just didn’t know better. I’m not trying to be critical I’m just asking to try to learn as I love watching your videos and sal’s to better myself in the trade.

  20. beautiful work! But now… don't want to do my bathroom anymore. Don't feel adequate anymore! Bravo for you work.

  21. How do you combat a bowing wall? Doesn't it continue to migrate and crack the concrete and tiles over time?

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