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Do Not Attempt! Mower Safety! | Latest information about hand tools

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Do Not Attempt! Mower Safety! | Newly updated handsets.

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Do Not Attempt! Mower Safety!
Do Not Attempt! Mower Safety!

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This is an old video I made.Its sole purpose was a series I planned on making about the angles/dangers of hillside mowing. Unfortunately I never finished it but have more footage.I tested the limits of this zero turn mower in all directions.
However do not attempt to mow hillsides if you are inexperienced!
Just wished I woulda finished the series :(

Anyway enjoy my funny reaction! Thanks for watching!! ..

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best riding mower for hills 2018

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  1. I use a Husq zero-turn on some very steep inclines and it is hairy for sure. We use counter-weights on the front of the mower to balance the steeper slopes, but it still doesn't fully suffice. I have to lean forward a lot in order to assure the front wheels stay on the ground. I also have to go very slow in case I hit holes that pop the front end up. It is dangerous and should never be attempted by amateurs. I've been landscaping for 20 years and have a lot of experience.

  2. I could be wrong but I was told to take a steep hill at a Angle not straight up and down its always worked for me

  3. My craftsman T240 is a 5 inch turn 22 horsepower V Twin Kohler Engine (725 cc) Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission 12 gauge steel deck Cruise control 3 gallon fuel tank its built like a tank I would say looking at the specks of John Deere and Husqvarna the Craftsman T240 is the superior machine in its Class the John Deere and Husqvarna are most certainly not a better machine

  4. That baby toro aint got it come to the nc this hill is literally nothing. Side to side wouldn't be a problem with a husqvarna 🙈

  5. That hill really ain’t that bad
    I mow one twice as steep over a 100 ft drop off still don’t scare me

  6. I put wheelie bars on the back of mine, keeps it planted on hills and let's me back up without trenching the hill

  7. Alll those trees are growing at a slant? Put the camera straight, quit exaggerating the slope of the hill.

  8. +eXterminator You should finish the safety series. Never know who'd watch it. Could be the one who needs to see it. Before I read the description and saw that wheelie, even I puckered. Good save. You were right to want to make a safety series. Driving at an angle on hills can be very dangerous among a handful of other unexpected cautious mishaps. Some only the hard way can teach the hardheaded. Especially without ROPS upright or none equipped a rollover could break anything. Your self and equipment.

  9. I always go straight up and straight down. Especially when it's wet. However I do have a property with a slope leading to a pond. Nearly went for a swim last year.
    Great video. Really shows the danger we deal with everday.

  10. That won't happen if you mow straight up and down (not diagonal). Keep the front end pointed up hill and maneuver at the bottom of the incline or at the top if its level.

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